Best Wedding Photographers in Kolkata - Top 25

Along with the excitement of marriage, the stress of getting things sorted is very real. We understand how daunting it is to select wedding photographers in Kolkata. So, ShaadiBooks has compiled a list of some of the best photographers in Kolkata for wedding for you to choose from.

We understand how daunting it is to select wedding photographers in Kolkata because this is a once-in-a-lifetime event that you don't want to squander. Correct?

Just like Marriage blues, getting those cold feet while getting your wedding planning sorted can be as real! 

Without a question, your wedding is the most significant and anticipated day of your life. While the adrenaline rush is enjoyable, the burden of having things ready on time is a persistent matter of stress.

Introducing the top 25 best wedding photographers in Kolkata


The crew believes in living the wedding moments with their clients. A team of young and enthusiastic photographers, led by Rig Biswas, for whom photography is way beyond just a profession.

The druid has a plethora of feathers adorning his caps like Nikon India Photographer`s award, Photo inspiration, Canvera spotlight group awards, Shooting star of Kolkata, and many more.

They have to kitty an international clientele, including couples from India, the US, Ireland, Australia, Japan and more. Based in Kolkata, they have an overall 4.7-star rating. With about 5-7 years of experience, they offer packages starting from around INR 60 thousand.

Who knows, they might be the ones for your wedding?

Bengali wedding
Beautiful bride photos
Bengali couple

Instagram: rig_photography

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Another efficient team of candid wedding photographer in Kolkata, based around Bandel and Chinsurah. Having experience of about 5-7 years, they know the magic of blending into their client's story.

They shall be like that invisible support, which brings out the best out of the raw moments. Both candid and conventional photography are strengths of their squad. They are open to going to various locations and can even work with destination marriages.

They ensure that their customers are relaxed in order to capture their irreplaceable moments in the most accurate imaginable way. They make absolutely sure their projects are accessible in the best way possible. With an average rating of 5 stars, they charge starting from around 70 thousand INR, which I feel is quite reasonable. 

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Beautiful bengali bride
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wedding day bride

Instagram: qpid_event_photography

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Sombit Dey Photography, a photographic studio in Kolkata, specializes in wedding and pre-wedding photography and kids photography. They provide candid as well as conventional photography.

They also have a team of highly professional photographers who will snap the ideal moments on your big day.  They utilise the most up-to-date gear and equipment to accurately capture your photographs. They believe in capturing the most real emotion of their clients.

From pre wedding, marriage ceremony, reception, post-wedding, rice ceremony, kids photography they facilitate covering all. With the experience of about 11+ years and a google rating of 5.0 stars, they make a team of one of the best candid wedding photographer. Their packages start from INR 70K.

Instagram: sombitdeyphotography

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Milan Magic is one of the most well-known and talented wedding photographers in Kolkata. Milan Photography in Kolkata always focuses on providing touching wedding photos and videos which captures the true exposers of the couples, the place, and the events. They are open to working with all over India. Milan Photography In Kolkata is not only just photographers but we create some beautiful stories by using your photos and videos.

They've been in the industry for around 7 years now With a google rating of 5 stars, they offer packages priced as minimum as INR 50 thousand.

Instagram: _theweddinggallery_


The Weddart Photography is a sterling example of creative art and brilliant photography. They understand the value of each wedding moment and how important it can be in your life. With solid experience in Bengali Wedding Photography, they have always tried to bring perfection to our work.

With a review of 5.0 stars from its clientele and an experience of about 5-7 years, they assure to guide with some Bengali wedding photography poses, along with the beautiful shots. Their wedding packages start from INR 35 thousand.

Instagram: theweddart


The Frame Maker is a professional wedding photographer based in Kolkata who aspires to build out a history worthy of being framed in silver and plated in gold! With years of experience, they have been able to master the art of capturing the most beautiful moments of Indian weddings. They capture every scene with the use of their excellent camera equipment and creativity.

With an overall rating of 5 stars and around 5-7 years of experience, they provide their services at very reasonable packages starting from 45 thousand INR

Instagram: the_frame_maker_online


Aartistry, a Kolkata-based photography firm, is one of the top candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. With an industry experience of 7 years, they have attained proficiency in capturing the perfect moments. They believe that bonds are beautiful and it is more beautiful to capture them in real-life settings. They provide evergreen memories for our clients to treasure for the rest of their life with our amazing photography.

They offers the best candid wedding photography services in packages as low as 45 thousand INR.

Instagram: theaartistry


This is another brand of Bengali wedding photographers in Kolkata, in business since 2009 with an overall rating of 4.7. They do not just focus on photographing the bride or the groom. Their mission is to define the nicks and nishes of the emotions that play around in a wedding event.

Srejon Imagery has built a strong reputation and won several accolades over the last decade in the business. The company has the availability of the most up-to-date cameras, lenses, and technology in order to create captivating visuals of your momentous day that will be admired for a lifetime.

Hiring them can cost you an average of INR 45 thousand minimum. 

Visit their Instagram handle for perusing over their stunning works, and maybe booking them for your The Day.

Bengali bride
Pre wedding photos
Beautiful bride
Bengali couple

Instagram: srejonimagery

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Rishav Chakraborty, a commercial and fine arts photographer with a diverse career in the film and photography sectors, owns and operates Pixonova. Pixonova's aim is to create rich, attractive, and successful pictures by combining technological expertise with an artistic sensibility.

Most importantly, they strive to produce more outstanding work every day in order to make their imprint on the business and cement their place as the finest videographers and Bengali wedding photographers in Kolkata. Most of their clients feel happy and fortunate to have signed them. 

With an average google rating of about 4.5 stars, they have been in business for almost 5 years. They offer packages starting from around 1 lakh rupees.

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Bengali bride
Bride pose
Wedding day

Instagram: pixonovacare


The Wedding Exposure provides excellent wedding photography services that are sure to draw people's interest. The  Competent practitioners are drawn to the notion of providing their clients with the highest level of fulfilment and precision, capturing every detail on the most momentous event of their lifetimes.

They closely ascribe to the minute small details to ensure that everything goes smoothly. The pioneers of the brand's photographs are creative in nature, capturing anything from exuberant emotions to wedding vows that are imprinted eternally in the minds of the customers.

The Wedding Exposure's skilled lenses reach exotic wedding destinations to enlive every desire expressed by their customer within the vivid scenery of the marriage destination. With a rating of 4.1 stars and an experience of above 5 years, they charge around 50 thousand INR minimum, for wedding projects.

Bengali bride
Beautiful bride
Bengali bride
bride photos

Instagram: theweinsta

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Wedding Photo Creators is a well-known Kolkata-based wedding photography studio. Both candid and contemporary photography are their expertise. They are a group of young professionals led by Jashaswi, a youthful, enthusiastic, and dynamic photojournalist who has had a lifelong interest in photography.

Wedding photography instils in them a strong sense of commitment for preserving unique moments, and  sharing the same feelings. They find it their duty to make your wedding day memorable. They are willing to travel around India for their clients. You can find them to have an overall rating of 4.7. They have been making magic out of their client`s special days for almost 7 years now.

You may book them for your day with packages as low as 30 thousand INR.

wedding time
pre wedding photoshoot
pre wedding photoshoot pose
wedding moment

Instagram: ___wedding_photo_creators___


Photography by Sanjoy Mahajan allows you to relive and treasure your moments. Sanjoy Mahajan Photography can be your go-to place for all of your photography requirements, ensuring that your wedding is beautifully preserved.

Sanjoy Mahajan Photos is a wedding photographer that specialises in candid wedding photography and pre-wedding sessions. With 7+ years of professional practice, they have gained recognition across India for their sincere commitment and high quality of service. According to this team of professional wedding photographers headquartered in Kolkata, photography is about creating relationships and being a part of important events in the lives of others.

They have been rated 4.4 stars by their clients, and they charge around 45 thousand minimum for wedding projects.

bride pose
Bengali bride
Pre wedding photos
bride pose

Instagram: sanjoymahajanphotography


Wedding Creation, a Kolkata-based photography firm, is one of the top candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. They feel that memories should be preserved in the heart instead of the mind. They have a knack for recording the most memorable moments of your big day.

They specialise in documentary-style cinematography and photographing, as well as creative, artistic, modern portraits. Wedding Creation likes using photography to weave tales by putting them on the brink of existence.

They like what they do as a team, and their clients will feel their passion when they use their services. They catch every grin, every ecstatic second, every moment of love, and every moment of feeling.

bride photos
Bengai bride
Brid photohoot pose
couple photos

Instagram: weddingcreation62


A camera is a projection of memory, and Arunjyoti Photography strives to turn your wedding moments into cherished reminiscences. They're based in Kolkata and specialise in candid wedding photography.

They've been in the industry for around 7 years now. They make every effort to make your big day the happiest of your life by capturing all of your wonderful feelings rather than just your faces.

They capture every scene with the use of their excellent camera equipment and creativity, from passionate stares to wildness in the mood. They are passionate specialists who will go to any extent to ensure that their clients are happy.

With a google rating of 5 stars, they offer packages priced as minimum as INR 60 thousand.

bengali bride
Bengali bride
Pre wedding photoshoot
bride photos

Instagram: arunjyoti_photography


Paalki is one of Kolkata's most well-known and talented wedding photographers. With its unique services and packages, Paalki has established itself among the popular Bengali wedding couple photography service providers.

The team is made up of seasoned professionals who work together to accomplish amazing results. They take pride in their expertise to consistently deliver high-quality services to their clients. Photography is a hobby, a passion, and a job for them. When it comes to wedding photography, they prefer paying special emphasis on the value of this once-in-a-lifetime moment.

Their motto has always been to capture spectacular moments within a few frames. Get exclusive photos from top Kolkata wedding photographer. This team of famous photographers in Kolkata have been in business for about 5 years.

wedding day
Pre wedding photoshoot
Wedding day
bengali couple

Instagram: paalki.wedlock


Ritabrata Mukherjee is a professional wedding photographer based in Kolkata who aspires to build out a history worthy of being framed in silver and plated in gold! For about 5 years, he's been creating wedding tales, and the quest is still rolling on.

He considers himself to be a simple individual with clear views. His shots are nothing better than teeny little glimpses of life as he perceives it, occasionally spiced up with a dash of his fantasy. His life swirls around marriages enhanced by charming couples every day. He notices the sparkle in their eye, captures the way they gaze at one another, nurtures their sensitive love, and savours the precious moments before they go away.

He specializes in pre-wedding, wedding, reception and any type of candid wedding photography Kolkata. Rated 4.1 by his clients he offers the best candid wedding photography services in packages as low as 90 thousand INR.

bride photos
The wedding Day
Pre wedding photography
wedding day

Instagram: ritabrata_mukherjee


AD Photography is a wedding photography business that captures brides and grooms, as well as their families and friends, in various poses throughout their wedding celebrations.

AD Photography's team includes expert camera people, designers, filmmakers, and creative directors whose talents and imagination are always on the lookout for new ways to make your marriage celebration even more memorable by putting time to a pause through their art. The leaders of the Kolkata-based wedding image capture business leads with zeal, ensuring that the quality of service is not compromised in whatever work they do.

With an overall rating of 5 stars and around 3 years of experience, they provide their services at very reasonable packages starting from 45 thousand INR

Reception photos
Bengali Couple
Bride photo
bengali bride



They have been taking the privilege of serving their clients since 2009. They take pride in paying special attention to the smallest details of the requirements of their client. They aim to provide their services at an industrially competitive price. Mangalik works under the leadership of Koushik Mitra. He is a professional wedding photographer.

Among the wedding photographers in Kolkata, Kaushik is another name for trust. With more than 8K followers on Facebook, they offer their services of Bengali wedding photography Kolkata, for as low as 70 thousand INR.

Bride photos
Beautiful bride

Instagram: mangalikphotography


Studio Chitrarupa specialises in personalised wedding photography and videography. Studio Chitrarupa, based in Kolkata, is a group of candid and traditional professionals. Photography is an important part of your wedding that will help you remember it forever, and it must be done perfectly.

They have a passion for photography, which they put to good use in their profession. They like using their tools to capture a wide spectrum of sentiments.

They are professionals in wedding photography and give services all across India, thanks to their 3 years of expertise. Rated 4.1 stars by their clients, they offer packages at a reasonable price of INR 75 thousand.

Bride photos
Bengali bride
Pre wedding photoshoot
Wedding day

Instagram: studiochitrarupa


The Cinematic Wedding Series is a Kolkata-based wedding photographer and videography studio. They take pleasure in being a squad of dedicated photographers and camera operators who engage in aesthetic wedding photography, wedding videography, scrapbooks and albums, and are capable of capturing those unique, once-in-a-lifetime wedding moments discreetly, compassionately, and professionally.

Depending on the client's preferences, their photographic style ranges from traditional classic to total western. They specialize in cinematic shots of the special day and also some best pre-wedding photography. This team of efficient wedding photographers in Kolkata is ready to go miles and offer a smooth destination wedding shooting.

They have been in business for 5 years, and offer really low priced packages starting from INR 45 thousand.

bengali couple
Wedding day
Pre wedding photos
bride photos

Instagram: yours_cws


Dreamscape Portraits by Abhijit Paul is a photographic studio based in Kolkata's New Barrackpore neighbourhood. To capture a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, such as a marriage, you'll need to hire a professional photographer, since they'll be the ones who turn your treasured moments into mementoes. If you're searching for a wedding photographer, Dreamscape Portraits by Abhijit Paul is the place to go.

They've been photographing weddings for a looooong period and will make sure to capture yours in the finest style imaginable. This team of efficient wedding photographers in Kolkata captures all of the tranquil and emotional scenes of your events and presents them in a lovely collection for you to cherish.

They provide the videos and photos 45 days after the final selections are picked. Rated 5 stars by their client, and with an experience of above 3 years, they offer their services at a price as low as 25 thousand INR.

bride photos
Bride photos
Bride pose
Beautiful bengali bride



PIP Broadcast & Equipments is a squad of youthful and creative professional photographers who will add a personalized feel to your wedding book. They've been photographing weddings since 2010, and their style is candid and trendy.

They promise to offer you with a wedding album full of cherished memories transformed into gorgeous, everlasting photographs by capturing the genuine spirit of your big day. Rated 4.4 stars by their clients, they offer their packages starting from just 25 thousand INR.

Bengali couple photos
Pre wedding photoshoot
Bride pics
Wedding moment


Sudipto Kar Imagery was founded in 2006 as a unique marriage photo studio. These photographers in Kolkata are possibly the best with camera gear and lenses to take pictures with fine details. They guarantee that client happiness is their main focus by providing services at a fair cost. 

The company also journeys to destination weddings and will certainly be a part of your experience. One of the top wedding photographers in Kolkata, they also provide wedding pictures and albums within four weeks after receiving the request. This photo studio can help you create some fond memories.

With a review of 4.5 stars from its clientele and an experience of about 7 years, they assure to guide with some Bengali wedding photography poses, along with the beautiful shots. Their wedding packages start from INR 90 thousand.

Bengali bride
Bride photos

Instagram: sudiptokarimagery


Sourav Paul's Photography is a well-known wedding and film photography brand based in Howrah. Sourav is a competent and emerging photographer who has been keen on this profession right from the second year of his college.

His photographs are stunning, capturing the raw emotions of the sacred matrimony. Sourav Paul's Photography is a one-stop-shop for all of your wedding photography needs, including videography and pre-wedding sessions.

Beautiful bride
Bride pose
Bride photos
Special moment

Write to them at

Instagram: souravpaul_photography


They are believed to be one of the true, and best Kolkata wedding photographer. DM Digitals is a Kolkata-based business that can handle all of your wedding photography and cinematography needs.

They have carved out a position for themselves in the business with over five years of expertise and are recognised for delivering maximum customer delight via their services. The crew has photographed weddings all throughout India and is recognised for capturing each moment as perfectly as possible.

If you're looking for a service of wedding photographers in Kolkata who can provide you with a wide range of photography and video services, DM Digitals is the right pick for you. With a rating of 4.7 stars and experience of about 7 years, they offer packages worth 45 thousand INR minimum.

Photography pose
Pre wedding photography
Beautiful bride photos
bride photos

Instagram: dmdigitals

We shall soon be coming up with a detailed guide on the cost of wedding photography. And that shall answer all these doubts in greater detail.