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Beautiful Odia Wedding Rituals, Customs, and Traditions - A Guide

Originating from the land of 'Lord Jagannath', the Odia wedding rituals are as enriched as their regional culture. So, if you are the bride (Duara) or the groom (Tola Kanias) then, we have listed the very elegant Odia marriage customs and traditions. That you must have a look at. Read this blog to know about the joyful rituals fabricated in the Odia people's wedding ceremonies. 

The Age-Old Charm Of Odia Wedding Rituals And Ceremonies

Odia wedding rituals entrap the vibrant traditional culture into the weddings, weaving together century-old customs with a contemporary flair. As the Odiya couples embark on their marriage journey, they often look for a balance of beauty and heritage, and no doubt the Odia marriage rituals are a treat to the eyes. 

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So, explore the captivating world of Odia wedding rituals and traditions with us! 😉😉

Odia wedding rituals© manishsinghphotography
Odia marriage rituals© The Odia Weddings
Odia bridal photoshoot© @theodiaweddings

A List Of The Captivating Rituals In The Odia Weddings

  • Nirbandh
  • Mangan
  • Nandi Pujan
  • The Groom's Barjatri
  • Kanyadana
  • Hasta Milap
  • Saptapadi
  • Sindoor Daan
  • Bahuna
  • Gruhaprabesa
  • Basara Rati
  • Astamangala

Pre-Wedding Rituals For The Odia Marriage Ceremonies

Nirbandh: The Engagement Ceremony

Odia wedding rituals are very similar to any other Indian wedding, which starts with an engagement ceremony or what we know as the ring ceremony. The family of the bride and groom first meets at a temple to lock their children's wedding. Following this, comes the ring ceremony where the wedding couple exchanges rings promising to stay together forever. 

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Odia wedding nirbandh ritual© @theodiaweddings
Nirbandh ritual© The Odia Weddings
Nirbandh ritual couple photoshoot© vivahphotographer

Mangan: The Haldi Function

The 'Haldi' ceremony has always been considered auspicious in wedding occasions in Hindu weddings. Similarly, the Odia wedding rituals too celebrate the Haldi function one or two days before the wedding. 

On the Haldi day, seven married women from the bride's family apply the paste of turmeric on the bride's hand and feet. 

Mangan: The Haldi Function© vivahphotographer
Odia wedding haldi photoshoot© manishsinghphotography
Mangan ritual© manishsinghphotography

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Nandi Pujan: The Ancestor's Divine Blessings

A ritual very popular in Bengali weddings is 'Nandi Puja'. The Odia community too believes in giving an auspicious start to their wedding by seeking the blessings of the bride and groom's ancestors. 

This is usually an intimate ceremony with few guests for the wedding couple's new life. 

wedding ritual nandi pujan© Moments of Life
Nandi Pujan: The Ancestor's Divine Blessings© Moments of Life

Odia Wedding Rituals On The Day Of The D-Day

The Groom's Barjatri: The Grand Procession

Unlike other weddings, this Odia marriage ritual is a little different from the rest. The bride's father sends a vehicle for the groom to travel to the wedding venue. Therefore, the groom along with his friends, family, and relatives reaches the wedding venue in that vehicle to marry his bride. 

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Groom's Barjatri: The Grand Procession© manishsinghphotography

Kanyadana: The Promise Of A Happy Life

During the wedding ceremony, the priest asks the father to perform the ritual of 'Kanyadana'. This is an emotional custom for all the fathers wedding their daughters because the word 'Kanya' means 'Daughter', whereas 'Dana' symbolizes 'giving away something precious'. 

The father of the bride puts his daughter's hand over the groom's hand and tells him to keep her happy forever. 'Kanyadana' is one ritual that is performed in almost all Indian weddings. 

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Kanyadana: The Promise Of A Happy Life© india.com
Kanyadaan photography© manishsinghphotography

Hasta Milap: The Transformation From A Girl To Bride

Quite similar to the 'Kanyadaan' ritual, the bride's father again places the bride's hand over the groom's and places a mango leaf on top of their hands. This ritual is known to symbolize the transformation of a woman from a daughter to a bride. 

Hasta Milap: The Transformation From A Girl To Bride© manishsinghphotography
Hasta Milap ritual photography© The Odia Weddings

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Saptapadi: The Vows Of The Bride And Groom

The Saptapadi is the wedding pheras that the wedding couples have to perform to get married. The priest asks the bride to crush the molds of rice with her feet as she takes seven pheras or vows with her groom. 

'Saptapadi' is one of the significant Oriya wedding rituals that is performed on the wedding day. 

Saptapadi Photography© The Odia Weddings
Saptapadi: The Vows Of The Bride And Groom© The Odia Weddings

Sindoor Daan: The Wedding Moment

Is a wedding even complete without the 'Sindoor Daan' ritual? No, right?

In the Odia marriages too, the groom performs the ritual of putting vermillion on his bride's forehead. The groom also ties a 'Mangal Sutra' the symbol of marriage around the bride's neck to wed her. 

This is the last Hindu Odiya ritual that the bride and groom perform to call them newlywed finally. 

Sindoor Daan: The Wedding Moment© manishsinghphotography
Sindoor daan bridal photoshoot© @weddings_by_rahuls_recreation
Sindoor daan photography© The Odia Weddings

Odia Post-Wedding Rituals That Are Emotional And Warm

Bahuna: The Bride's Vidaai

The mother of the bride sings ‘bahuna’ songs depicting the pain of parting with her loving daughter post-marriage. In this ritual, other family women also mourn with the mother before the bride finally leaves with her husband in her new in-law's home. 

The moments of the 'Bahuna' ritual are emotional for both the bride and her mother. 

Bidaai ritual photoshoot© Rig Photography
Bahuna: The Bride's Vidaai© manishsinghphotography

Gruhaprabesa: The Welcoming Of The Newlyweded Bride

The groom's family welcomes the bride to their home with a ceremony known as 'Gruhaprabesa'. The mother-in-law welcomes the bride by performing an 'Aarti', considering her the Lakshmi of their home as she will bring prosperity to their lives. 

Gruhaprabesa: The Welcoming Of The Newlyweded Bride© @reflexionbyns

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Basara Rati: The First Night Of The Husband And Wife

The 'Basara Rati' is also known as 'Chauthi' meaning that the husband and wife finally meet each other on the fourth day after the wedding. The room of the newlywed is decorated with flowers and they are fed a roasted coconut. From this day onwards, the bride and the groom start to live together as a married couple. 

bed decoration for basar raat© alumni.uod.ac
Basara Rati: The First Night Of The Husband And Wife© Pinterest

Astamangala: The Visit To The Bride's Home

On the eighth day of the wedding, the newlywed couple are invited by the parents of the bride to their home. This ritual is very popular in Odisha and Bengal, where the couple is greeted with a warm welcome. They are served delicious delicacies, gifts, and sweets and celebrate the entire day at the home of the bride's parents. 

Astamangala: The Visit To The Bride's Home© @tapaswini_ojha


The Odia wedding rituals consist of a set of Hindu marriage customs that are unique, vibrant, and joyful to watch in their own way. You will surely adore the Odia wedding celebration once you witness one with your eyes. 

And, if you are an Odia groom or bride reading this post for the ritual ideas. Then, my dear, do not forget to capture your special moments through the lenses of wedding photography. 📸

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