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The Sacred Union: Unveiling Muslim Wedding Rituals And Practices

Just like any other Indian wedding, Muslim wedding ceremonies are also filled with joy and colors. While, it is a sacred union between two souls, the Muslims take their Nikah seriously as a symbol of their religion and customs. So, know what Muslim wedding rituals  you can expect in an Islamic wedding with us. 

Do you know what is the core of Muslim wedding traditions? Can you guess it? 

It is not the jewelry or the wedding dress that they focus on. But, what really matters to the Muslim bride and groom is the Muslim Nikah rituals. 

They leave no stone unturned in making their Muslim wedding rituals and the wedding the best. From wearing beautiful wedding attire with intricate designs to hiring the best wedding decorators in Kolkata to decorate their special day. You can find almost everything lavish in a Muslim wedding. And, if you are a Muslim bride or groom, then, make sure to hire the best wedding photographers in Kolkata to frame your special day.

So, get ready to explore the fun-filled and traditional Muslim wedding rituals in this blog only with ShaadiBooks! 😉

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A List Of Muslim Wedding Rituals Or The Nikah Ceremony

  • Salat Al-Istikara
  • Imam Zamin
  • Mangni
  • Manjha
  • Mehendi
  • Sanchaq
  • Baraat And Baraati
  • Nikah
  • Fatiha
  • Meher
  • Arsi Mushraf
  • Rukshat
  • Walimah
  • Chauthi

Pre Muslim Wedding Traditions And Rituals 

Salat Al-Istikara: Dua To Allah

With the common practice of arrange marriage in the Muslim community. The parents of the brides and grooms are tasked with finding the right match for their child to get married. Once, they find the perfect match, they set out to meet the family of the bride and groom to discuss the marriage prospects of their daughter or son. 

Thus, after a few meetings, when everything is confirmed, the Muslim community head is invited to pray to Allah for the pious union of the two souls. This is a pre-wedding ritual where the Imam or Maulvi recites the holy Quran to seek the blessings of Allah. 

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Imam Zamin: Mother Of The Groom Blessing The Bride

Another Muslim wedding rituals that follows the Salat Al-Ishtikara is Imam Zamin. This is a South Asian ritual that is practiced by all Muslims all over the world for their marriage ceremonies. For this ritual, the mother of the groom visits the bride's home as a gesture of accepting her into the family. 

Furthermore, she ties a gold or silver coin wrapped in a Muslin or silk cloth on the bride's arm. This protects the bride from evil eyes and brings good luck. 

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Mangni: The Engagement Ceremony

In Indian weddings, the engagement ceremonies are celebrated with lots of fun, happiness, and grandeur. And, the 'Mangni' of the Muslim bride and the groom is no less in this case. They put on their best wedding dresses for this occasion and exchange rings in the presence of close friends and relatives. 

If you ever get the chance to witness a Muslim marriage in the 'City of Joy'. Then, get assured of attending the 'Mangni' function in one of the best wedding venues in Kolkata because they believe in making it GRAND.

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Manjha: The Colorful Haldi Ceremony

One of the fun-filled ceremonies in the Islam wedding rituals is the 'Manjha' ceremony. The Haldi function is conducted one or two days before the wedding day. The bride and groom are drenched in colorful Haldi paste made of turmeric and sandalwood. 

All the relatives, family, and friends come together to make a happy start for the wedding couple during this ceremony. 

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Mehendi: The Bridal Henna Session

'Mehendi' is pre Muslim marriage ritual in which the women take part to celebrate the new bride's wedding. The bride is adorned with 'henna' on her hands and feet, some brides also prefer to hide their groom's name in the intricate Mehendi designs.

Overall, this ceremony is followed by women of the family singing and dancing to make the event memorable.

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Sanchaq: The Family Of The Groom Visits The Bride

In this final pre-wedding ritual, the groom's family visits the bride with gifts, sweets, jewelry, and the wedding dress that has to be worn by the bride on Nikah day. 

This ceremony is enriched with love and happiness, as the groom's family visits the bride with the 'Sanchaq' meaning the gifts. 

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Muslim Wedding Rituals Followed On The Wedding Day

Baraat And Baraati: The Groom's Grand Entry

The Muslim groom proceeds with his Baraat and Baraati, his friends, relatives, and families to the wedding venue to marry his bride. The groom and the Baraati are greeted with a warm welcome from the bride's family. 

The wedding starts soon, as the groom and his family enter the venue for the big day. 

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Nikah: The Actual Wedding Ceremony

The Nikah ceremony is the one that unites two loving souls forever. The wedding couple signs the' Nikah Namah' to start their marital journey together. The Maulvis are called to perform religious rituals to bless the married life of the couple. 

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Muslim wedding ritual Nikah© @venuemonk

Fatiha: The Begining Chapter Of The Pious Quran

Fatiha is another Muslim marriage ritual, that begins right after the Nikah ceremony. In this ritual, the first verse of the pious Quran is read out to bless the wedded couple. This is an intimate traditional wedding ritual where the couple makes their first appearance as a newlywed. 

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Meher: A Commitment For Togetherness

Meher ceremony is the giving of gifts to the new bride from the groom's family. This is done to give her financial security after the marriage. The wedded couple signs a contract symbolizing the gifts given to the 'Dulhan'.

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Arsi Mushraf: A Glance Through The Mirror

Among all the Muslim wedding rituals, 'Arsi Mushraf' stands as the most enchanting one. But, do you know, why?

During this ritual after the 'Nikah Namah', the bride and the groom see each other for the first time through the reflection of a mirror. 

So, isn't this part of a Muslim wedding custom beautiful?

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Heartwarming Post-Wedding Rituals Of Muslim Wedding Celebration

Rukshat: The Warm Goodbye

In the list of the numerous rituals and unique traditions, the Rukshat is an emotional moment for the bride and her family. After the Nikah, the bride bids goodbye to her parents to start a new marital life with her 'Sauhar'. 

She is also welcomed with love and grace in her husband's home where the groom's mother gifts her the holy Quran as part of Islamic marital practices and rituals. 

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Walimah: The Reception Celebration

A day or two after the Nikah ceremony, the groom throws a reception party inviting all his friends, relatives, and close ones to celebrate their marital journey. This ritual in the Islamic religion is celebrated lavishly.

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Chauthi: The Bride And Groom Visiting Her Home Post Wedding

In every Indian wedding, the bride along with her groom visits her parent's home as part of a ritual after her wedding. Similarly, in Muslim rituals for marriage, the bride visits her home with her groom four days after the wedding. 

They are greeted and welcomed with happiness and gifts. All the close relatives and family members gather together to celebrate the joy with their daughter and son-in-law with a lavish feast. 

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Muslim wedding rituals are rich cultural traditions that highlight wonderful Indian customs. It is a celebration that binds the families together to create everlasting memories, that the wedding couple can relieve for the rest of their lives. 

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