Simple Mehndi Designs For Left Hand

There is never a thing called too many mehndi designs! There is always something or the other to learn from all Mehndi Designs For Left Hand or any other.

Be it designed by some professional mehndi artist, or maybe you are helping each other in your squad out, with doing their mehndi art. The task of selecting the best design for your hands shall indeed be a daunting task. So we have compiled some of the best mehndi designs for left hand. Now all you need is to sit back, pick your designs, and draw!

intricate design
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Beautiful mehndi design with initials
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Not just a foreigner, but being an Indian you may have often wondered why is mehndi so important in our country? The greenish paste made out of mehndi or henna leaves is the Harold of good vibes, and prosperity in Indian culture. The marriage deems the beginning of a new life, where the happiness of the new family formed is very much dependent on the well being of the bride. So, the hands of the bride are adorned in some pretty designs of the beautiful mehndi paste. However, not just of cultural importance, the mehndi also yields a good deal of medical and antiseptic benefits.

So, get geared ASAP! Some major easy-peasy mehndi designs for bride inspo`s are on the way!

Easy Mehndi Designs For Left Hand

This type of design is usually very popular among women during festivals or traditional functions like Diwali, Pooja, Marriage guests, or Eid. These are simple, effortless designs that can be done by anyone, who has a basic appreciation of simple designs. They can be as simple as water!

back hand mehndi
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This beautiful Indian bridal mehndi designs for hands, is a perfect example of the concept! Inspired by the Mandala art style, this design is certain to steal the show. Perfect inspiration for doing on the back of the palm. In fact, this design shall look as beautiful as mehndi designs for left hand front.

This is yet another showstopper. This seems to be one of the best in Indian bridal mehndi designs for full hands. A very pretty combination of net design with temple-like motifs. You may very easily do a similar design for your Teej or Karwa Chauth celebrations! 

This beautiful design is probably the simplest yet the most gorgeous so far! The design has used creeper styled net motifs with clusters of mandala floral designs. The design in the finger has followed some beautiful patterns as well. A perfect one among mehndi designs for Indian brides

And how about these beautiful mehndi designs for left hand? A simple design ideal for the upcoming festive season. Be it a Diwali party, a simple engagement celebration, or maybe an Eid ka dawat. A similar design shall complete your entire look with a touch of the fragrant piece.

And how about this simple Punjabi style inspired mehndi designs for wedding party? A very intricate and pretty design that is sure to stand out!

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Latest Mehndi Designs For Left Hand

Whatever be the occasion, if it is an Indian festivity, mehndi designs on the palm of the women ought to be a staple. The importance owes back to the deep roots of a rich cultural history the country has. However, with generations passing by, the designs of mehndi widely used today, have faced a significant evolution over years. 

Tribal mehndi
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Rakhi bandhan
Image source - Instagram

This beautiful western-inspired design can be a very loved style of a minimalist, chique loving bride. The small clusters of Mandala flowers seem to be connected by vine-like motifs. The mandala, though originates long back from the Hindu and Buddhist traditions in India, has been lately a very popular and very much loved art style in the west! 

This is another Bengali mehndi design for Indian brides, inspired by the mandala art. The typical pattern of a single big circular design in the middle of the palm, and elaborate, intricate motifs on the palm, dates its origin from the traditional Aalta laden hands of Bengali brides.

This simple mehndi design for left hand is a perfect pick if you are attending a wedding as a bridesmaid, and you are very fond of simplicity and minimalism. The pretty net and dot style patterns in an arch-like shape that is bordered with creeper like motifs. This can even be perfect for this upcoming festive season.

And how about this pretty Pakistani inspired design? A very modern and simple adaptation of mehndi designs Indian bridal. This beautiful design is very simple to do. With the pretty circular motifs surrounded by leaf-like prints. This design runs diagonally from the wrist to the top of the index finger. 

Full hand mehndi
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beautiful mehndi design
Image Source: Tikli

This pretty Punjabi inspired mehndi designs for left hand is of the next level in its simple yet beautiful appeal. The pretty floral motif along the inner corner of the palm is indeed eye-catching. The design further spreads to the tip of the index finger, diagonally. The rest of the four fingers are also designed with some simple yet intricate motifs at their tips.

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Pin These DIY Mehndi Designs For Left Hand

Did the Mehndi artists in Kolkata ditch you at the last moment? Do you have to now depend on one of your Delhi-wali-cousins, to get your mehndi done for the festivity? Don`t worry! These simple and filling designs can be done by any of your mehndi-loving cousins. And trust me, no one would know 😜.

This simple design shall get you covered for any of your Diwali, Teej or Karwa Chauth celebrations. A simple design for the left hand. Ideal mehndi design for the backside of the palm. The pretty and chique peacock motifs seem to replicate the Rajasthani inspiration.

And what do you have to say about this pretty full hand mehndi design? A very simple and filling design. The intricate floral motifs around the wrist part that extends to the arch, filled with a chessboard check design. 

Manda style mehndi
Image source - Instagram

And this pretty Rajasthani inspired full hand new Indian mehndi designs for bridal get up, absolutely a mind-blower. This segmented mehndi art design is very simple to do and can adorn the hands of the bride beautifully. Give this a try!

The festival that celebrates the sibling bond is just around the corner. So how about this Raksha Bandhan inspired mehndi design. The artist has used a very pretty picture to fill the palm area. The fingers are decorated with pretty vine-like motifs to fill up. This can be a perfect inpo for your rakhi wala hands. 

And how about these pretty simple arbic mehndi designs for left hand? This design is a simple DIY type. The pretty design covers the entire left hand. Both the front as well as the backside. The pretty Arabic style inspired mehndi designs for left hand. 

Simple Mehndi Designs For Left Hand For Wedding.

criss cross design
Image source - Instagram

A picturesque henna design etched on your palm is kind of on the bucket list of every bride to be. Now whether you are getting the mehndi art by a professional or getting help from any of your bridesmaids, here are some designs you should definitely seek inspiration from.

This simple left-hand design is a blend of African and western inspiration. The wrist portion is adorned with a band like design that is very much African inspired. In fact, creeper-like extensions below the wrist and the patterned motif on the fingers are similar aboriginal motifs. However, the palm portion is beautifully designed with beautiful, mandala-inspired lotus motifs.

This pretty and simple mehndi design can be a favourite of any minimalist bride. The design is very simple to do, and hence won't be needing a professional. An absolute simplistic delight!

This pretty criss-cross style design is yet another inspiration for a simple yet sophisticated mehndi design. If you are one of those brides who enjoy modern and chique designs for mehndi, this is certainly made for you! The attractive net design and the beaded motif to connect it to the finger is giving an ornamental aesthetic to the design.

This full hand mehndi design is a perfect blend of modern as well as intricate Rajasthani mehndi art. The criss-cross designs, the beautiful lantern motifs, the floral print, and the parallel patterns. All of these significantly add to the beauty of the entire design.

gorgeous design
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Brid`s sister mehndi
Image source - Instagram

The mehndi designs for the bride are pretty popular, but have we given a thought to the mehndi designs for the bride's sister? This beautiful mehndi designs for left hand, is indeed a major inspiration. The cute quote saying “My sister got her Mr” is indeed the cutest thing we have come across so far.

Latest Indian Bridal Mehndi Designs

As Indian kids, we have a kind of grown-up knowing that the darker the tint of mehndi gets, the more love prevails within the couple. In fact, it is also believed that the longer the colour stays, the better the bride gets along with her new family. So we have come up with some beautiful designs that shall enhance the love the bride radiates 😉.

This simple and basic design is as beautiful as it can be! For brides, who are not very fond of heavy, elaborate designs of henna art, this shall be their pick. A very beautiful flower-themed design. The huge flower in the top outer corner of the palm is the center of attraction of this design.

Chique design
Image source - Instagram

And how about this beautiful creeper-like pattern all throughout the palm. This is yet another minimalist design. This motif is done on the front side of the palm. However, this shall look pretty on the backside as well.

And how about this enormous, and rich Punjabi style mehndi art? The entire palm is filled with criss-cross and floral designs. However, the beautiful ornamental motifs add to the SHAAN of the design. These designs are equally perfect for the front as well as the backside of the palm.

Oh and this beautiful baby just cannot be overlooked. Though a very simple one, this is bound to enhance the love factor in your marriage (if at all that's true).The pretty cashew like motif being the epicentre of the design, which gradually spreads out to the index finger diagonally.

And all I have to say about this beautiful, mehndi art over here is WOW! The segmented design with beautiful flower and leaf motifs. The pretty criss-cross designs. All of the beautifully intricate art makes this a perfect wear for Indian brides on their wedding. This design in particular is a blend of Mandala and Indian styles.

Simple mehndi design
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Rich mehndi design
Image source - Instagram

Simple and Gorgeous Mehndi Designs For Left Hand

If you have been an avid lover of Indian fashion, then Mehndi art has to be one on your list. And when you need a simple yet attractive design, the basic flower, dots, crisscrosses, and vines are some key inclusions to the style. They are easy to draw, filling and gorgeous at the same time.

This full hand of arbic mehndi designs for left hand is indeed a very delightful piece. The perfect combination of Arabic style floral design, cashews like motifs, petals, and the criss-cross design. This design is done on the backside but definitely will look equally pretty on the front side.

And How about this beautiful fusion of Modern and Pakistani styles? The shadowed rosette motifs are designed with small leaf-like prints on the sides. And not to forget the vertical V like a belt of simple rose like motifs. A perfect mehndi designs for left hand.

This beautiful floral design is apt for a simple bridal look. In Fact, you may even choose this for a pretty festive look. The diagonal design runs from the wrist to the tip of the pointing finger. The beautiful Rajasthani style flower design extends to the leaf, and vine-like motif. 

Punjabi mehndi 2
Image source - Wedbook
modern design
Image source - Instagram

And how about this crisp modern style mehndi art for the left hand? This is an amalgamation of many mehndi art styles. The criss-cross pattern and the swirl patterns have been used indeed thoughtfully to make the design look filling. The smooth and fine lines on the design look just beautiful!

And how about this beautiful Mandala art? A very simple design that covers the entire palm completely. Perfect for any bridesmaid, or for Diwali and Karwa Chauth celebrations. The wrist and the finger designs use vines, leaves and a criss-cross motif. This is also an evolved version of the Bengali mehndi design.

Beautiful Mehndi Designs For Left Hand of Bride.

Bridal designs are the most hyped of the mehndi designs. So let us look at some more pretty bridal henna arts also!

African Mehndi
Image source - styles at life
diagonal mehndi
Image source - Instagram

How about this half and half mehndi art? The designer has made complete art on two hands. The inner corners of the palm have two halves of the heart having the Initials of the names of the Bride and Groom. This design beautifully signifies how two souls complete each other in a marriage. This style of mehndi design has been hype for a long time.

WOW! What a beauty! This beautiful Modern, Rajasthani inspired mehndi design is sure to lure our hearts. The design has been done in segments, with floral motifs, rhombi like crisscrosses, lotus designs, and window-like motifs. This is a perfect inspiration for brides who want a heavy and beautiful design.

Alpana mehndi
Image source - Instagram
Half and half
Image source - Instagram

How about this Alpana style mehndi design. The henna art is done as such to imitate the look of a pretty alpana overlapping the hand. The epicentre of the design is set into the lower outer corner of the left palm. The inverse style design that has the background painted in henna tint and the designs in the skin`s tone, is indeed an innovative idea.

This is yet another stunning inspiration of the pretty half and half style mehndi art. In Fact this is also done with the inverted concept. The design seems to be like beautiful floral and leaf-like designs carved out of a dark henna clad background. The designs are, however, very much inspired by the Punjabi style of mehndi art.

Intricate Design
Image Source: Instagram
Beautiful intricate mehndi design
Image Source: arabmehndi

And Oh what a simplistic design this is! The beautiful creeper-like design is made to seem to wrap around the hands. This creeper like pattern is done with beautiful cashew like motifs. This is an Arabic and Rajasthani blend of style. The sharp ends of each motif justify the Arabicness of the design.


This uncategorized series is going to show you every other variant of henna art!

How about this African inspired design? The pretty Rhombi designs are very much inspired by the aboriginal body art style. The design follows a pattern that blends the light and darkness. 

How about this unique Pakistani inspired mehndi art? The sharp-tipped rosettes and leaves are making the entire design look so filled and gorgeous. A very intricate and expert work of henna art!

A pretty western-style white Kalka design for hands. This is a trend coming up in bridal fashion. They may soon replace the usage of henna that stains your skin for days. However, this mandala styled pattern is indeed looking beautiful with the white colour.

Kolka hands
Image source - Instagram
Mandala Mehndi
Image source - Instagram

A pretty hand alpana design done with Bengali kolka medium. The pretty white design on the back of the left hand is indeed mesmerizing to look at. The pretty rose-red nails are adding a special highlight to the overall design.

Mandala mehendi
Image source- stylishmehndidesign
Full hand mehndi
Image source - Instagram

And how about this mesmerising modern art fused Bengali mehndi design? The pretty rosettes are in the middle with a gradually expanding circle of intricate swirl motifs. The wrist part is lined with a similar pattern. And the finger design has been accentuated with the criss-cross motif.

This is another very pretty and royal looking half and half mehndi design we found online today. The pretty temple-like structure in the centre is a sign of the piousness of the word love!

Mandala 2
Image source - Pinterest

And how about this beautiful amalgamation of intricate swirls, creepers, criss-cross design?

This is yet another pretty and simple design for any occasion!

These were some of our picks of stunning mehndi designs for left hand. 

We are yet to come up with more Inspiration blogs for your wedding planning.

Till then stay tuned and