06 Mar, 2024

Introducing Marwari Wedding Rituals That Define Royal Grandeur and Traditions!

Forget fairytales, Marwari weddings rituals are real-life royalty! Explore the beautiful wedding ceremonies and age-defying traditions. That creates an unforgettable celebration of love and culture. Discover the unique rituals now!

Forget all you thought you knew about Indian weddings! Marwari weddings, which originate in the royal land of Rajasthan, are unique. Imagine a celebration bursting with color, infectious joy, and age-old traditions so rich they'll make you feel like royalty yourself.

Marwari marriage rituals are more than simply ceremonies. They are vibrant expressions of love, with families laughing together, and delicious feasts. Which tantalizes the senses, and every ritual adds a touch of magic to the union of two souls.

Here, the bride known as the Banni and the groom called the Banna embark on their new journey together. Accompanied by a unique blend of customs: some rooted in ancient Vedic traditions. Which are aimed at bringing their families together. 

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So, are you ready to dive into the heart of Rajasthani culture? Or, experience the magical world of Marwari weddings? 

Hold your breath and get ready because we're about to reveal the royal grandeur and captivating traditions. That make these celebrations truly unforgettable!

Marwari wedding photoshoot© Rig Pgotography

A Journey Through Luxurious Attire, Exquisite Jewels, and Royal Cuisine

The vibrant world of Marwadi wedding rituals stays incomplete without booking the best wedding venues in Kolkata and the top wedding decorators in Kolkata. Likewise, the Marwari wedding functions seem dull. If the bride doesn’t appear radiant in her silk lehenga choli, adorned with intricate patterns that speak of history and heritage. Her jewelry from kundan haar to gigantic tikas, reflects Rajasthan's royal heritage. Beside her stands the groom, regal in his achkan or sherwani, his vibrant red or yellow turban which is a symbol of grace. The aroma of delicious delicacies like dal baati churma to flavorful methi bajra poori or gatta sabji can make any food lover crave more of- it.

So, here are the Marwari wedding rituals, from Haldi to wedding ceremonies. Have a look at the beauty of them. 

A Complete List Of Marwari Wedding Rituals For Your Wedding Day

  • Roka Or Engagement Ceremony
  • Byaah Haath Ritual
  • Nandi Ganesh Pujan Ritual
  • Mehfil Or Sangeet Ceremony
  • Mehendi Ceremony
  • Pithi Dastoor Or The Haldi Wedding Customs
  • Mahira Dastoor Ritual
  • Nikasi Marwari Ritual
  • Baraat Of The Groom And His Family
  • The Groom's Aarti Ritual
  • Jai Mala Or Exchange Of Garlands
  • Kanyadaan
  • Sath Phera Or Saptapadi
  • Sumangalika Or Sindoor Daan
  • Vidaai
  • Pag Phera

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Pre Marwari Wedding Rituals That You Must Know

Roka Or Engagement Ceremony

The Roka ceremony is the one that sets off the marriage between a bride and a groom. It usually happens on a day when two families of the wedding couple finalize their wedding dates way before the actual wedding. 

The families exchange gifts, sweets, and blessings to mark off the celebrating occasion. The mother of the bride also puts a 'tikka' or tilak on the forehead of the groom as a symbol of accepting him as her son-in-law. 

You can also exchange rings with your partner to step in the engagement ceremony of your wedding. 

Engagement Ceremony © Memories Designer
Engagement Ceremony © Memories Designer
Engagement Ceremony © Memories Designer
Engagement Ceremony © Memories Designer+7

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Byaah Haath Ritual

This event usually takes place 7 or 11 days before your wedding. Where the females of your family come together to celebrate your wedding by singing a 'Mangal Geet'. The married women of the Marwari bride and groom's families also prepare handmade sweets known as 'Mangodis' to bless the young couple. 

best marwari wedding ritual Byaah Haath© 1plus1studio

Nandi Ganesh Pujan Ritual

If you have ever seen a Rajputi wedding, then, you probably know, how much they worship Lord Ganesh. Similarly, in the Marwari wedding tradition, both the bride and groom's family seek the blessings of Lord Ganesh for their children separately before the wedding for a happy start to their marital life. 

This puja is accompanied by a family lunch ceremony at both the bride and groom sides. 

Naandi Ganesh Pujan Ritual© 99pandit

Mehfil Or Sangeet Ceremony

Now, if you are looking for some fun during your wedding ceremonies. Then, the Mehfil also known as the Sangeet ceremony is a fun-filled ritual, where you can have fun with your family, friends, and relatives. 

You can have plenty of singing and dancing dhamaka with lots of entertainment by your side. 

best marwari wedding ritual mehfil© @weddingzbyrahul
Mehfil ritual© 1plus1studio

Mehendi Ceremony

Any Indian wedding is not complete without the artistic Mehendi-filled hands of the bride and groom. Be it a Bengali, Marwari, or Rajasthani wedding. Mehendi is believed to bring good luck and fortune to the wedding couple. 

Hence, the 'Banni' and the 'Banna' apply Mehendi or Henna art on their hands and feet. 

couple mehndi pose© 1plus1studio
bridal Mehndi pose© @harins_mehndi
Mehndi design for wedding© @weddingbling
bridal mehndi pose idea© 1plus1studio

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Pithi Dastoor Or The Haldi Wedding Customs

Like any other Indian wedding, the Marwari weddings too have the Haldi ceremony. On the day of the wedding, known as 'Pithi Dastoor'. This is when fun wedding games are played by both the families and friends. As they paint the bride and groom with a thick paste of turmeric on the wedding day morning. 

best marwari wedding ritual© Rig Photography
Bridal haldi pose© Qpidindia

Mahira Dastoor Ritual

We all are close to our maternal uncles, isn't it? 

The Mahira Dastoor in Marwari wedding rituals celebrates the loving bond between a bride and their maternal uncles. Both the mamas of the bride and groom shower them with tons of blessings, love, gifts, and jewelry. 

Mahira Dastoor© Yashvi & Parth

Nikasi Marwari Ritual

Another important Marwari wedding ceremony is the Nikasi ritual. Before the groom heads towards the wedding venue. His sisters tie the 'Sehra' on his head and wave off negativity with a Kala Tikka behind his ears. 

After this, the groom proceeds with his baraat to the wedding venue to wed the love of his life. 

Nikasi Marwari Ritual© Qpidindia

Baraat Of The Groom And His Family

The groom along with his friends, families, and relatives set off to the wedding venue like any other traditional groom on his wedding day. He usually rides a horse and carries a sword in his hand.

Baraat photography© Qpidindia
Groom Entry Pic© Qpidindia

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The Groom's Aarti Ritual

If you know about Marwari weddings, then, you must be aware of the sweet relationship between the bride's mother and the groom. In the Marwari wedding, the bride's mother welcomes his son-in-law and his baarat with an Aarti. She even pulls his nose as a sweet ensure of accepting him as her daughter's husband. 

Celebrity at an Indian wedding © The Brides Of India Official
Groom Arti - Welcome Pic © Rig Photography

Marwari Wedding Rituals To Follow

Jai Mala Or Exchange Of Garlands

As the groom enters the wedding mandap, his Marwari wedding rituals begin to take place. The groom and the bride exchange floral garlands, symbolizing their everlasting bond. 

This wedding moments between the couple are the perfect ones to click some amazing wedding pictures. 

Jaimala photography© Qpidindia
Jaimala ritual © Rig Photography

Kanyadaan Ceremony

Like any other Hindu wedding, a Marwari wedding too is incomplete without the bride's father giving her hand to the groom. The bride's father asks the groom to take care of his daughter and bear her responsibility for the rest of his life. 

Thus, the groom promises to stay beside his wife's life through all the challenges and joys in life. 

Kanyadaan Ceremony photography© The Frame Maker
Kanyadaan Ceremony© @rig_photography

Sath Phera Or Saptapadi

Among all the traditional wedding rituals, the Saptapadi holds much importance in any wedding. This is one of the main wedding ceremonies in which the wedding couple takes seven vows around the holy fire to stay together lifelong. 

All the female and male members of both families bless the couple as they get married. 

Sath Phera Ritual© Qpidindia
Saath phere© Oldsong_reel

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Sumangalika Or Sindoor Daan

Sumangalika or 'Sindoor Daan' in the Marwari traditions is the last Marwari wedding ritual that one must follow. In this, the groom fills his bride's forehead with red vermillion marking as the colorful beginning of their wedded bliss. 

It is one of the pious Hindu wedding rituals without which a wedding stands meaningless.

Sindoor daan photography© Rig Photography
best wedding ritual - Sindoor Daan© Qpidindia

Post Marwari WeddingCelebrations And Rituals

Vidaai In Marwari Culture

In the Marwari wedding rituals list, Vidaai is an emotional moment for the bride and her family. As the girl sets off on her new wedded journey. Leaving behind her maternal home, she bids goodbye to her parents and moves ahead to her new life with her husband. 

Vidaai In Marwari Culture© The Frame Maker

Pag Phera Ritual

Pag Phera is a post wedding ritual among Marwaris. In which the bride visits her parent's home with her husband after a few days of getting married. 

The newlywed couple are showered with lots of gifts. As they are welcomed for the first time in the home of the bride after marriage. 


That's all about the traditional Marwari marriage rituals woven with colors, rituals, and culture. From pre-wedding rituals with pious blessings to post-wedding celebrations. Marwari weddings are enriched with Rajasthani heritage that brings families together even today. 

So, which among all the rituals is your favorite one? 

Plan Your Dream Wedding!