Haldi Ceremony - A Beautiful Indian Wedding Ritual

The Haldi Ceremony is one of the many rituals that make weddings in India so memorable. And like every custom in the wedding saga, it also expresses its share of stories about the rich culture of our country. 

Now, before we go any further with our haldi celebration, let us first understand the

Importance of Haldi Ceremony

Haldi matkor’, ‘Gaye Holud’ or ‘Haldi’ is considered as the official beginning of a wedding saga. And here is why

'Holud' - A Propitious Colour

The shade of turmeric is considered a sacred colour in Indian culture. Traditions believe that turmeric and its colour to be a good omen. This potentially brings prosperity and happiness to the couple who are about to start a new life together.

In fact, in many parts of the country, especially in Bihar, UP, and Uttarakhand, you may find the bride and groom dressed in yellow attire even on their wedding day.

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Cheers to New Beginnings

Yellow being the colour of spring, is connected with new beginnings and joy. So, after the colour of kumkum, haldi`s yellow is deemed an auspicious colour. By applying haldi to the to-be couple, we mark the ‘Shubharambh’ and summon prosperity and serenity into their lives. It also denotes beginning on a positive note.

New Beginings
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Passing on the ‘SHAADI-KA-LADDU’

Conventionally, the married women from either side apply the haldi to the groom and bride at first. This may be deemed as a gesture of passing on the good vibes and experiences of a happy married life to the couple. They usher their good wills and blessings on the groom and bride.

Haldi Ceremony
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Ring the Wedding Bells for the Unmarried Ones

It is also believed that if the bride or groom applies the haldi paste to their unmarried friends, siblings or cousins, magic helps them get married soon. Is your family worried about you getting married? or  are you waiting for your ‘The- day’ to happen? Then you should definitely count on this ritual of the upcoming wedding of any of your peers!

Ok, so we may have had enough of its cultural significance. But how scientific is the ritual?

Haldi Image
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The Golden Glow

Ok, so travelling back to the days, when salons and make-up artists weren`t yet in the scene, Indians developed their own cosmetic potions. The haldi paste is evident to hold the quality of bringing on a golden glow on the face. Hence, it served as a face pack for the groom and the bride.

Haldi Paste
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‘Haldi’- The Natural Antiseptic

Turmeric has been known for its antiseptic and other medicinal properties since forever. Hence applying a paste of haldi as a key ingredient was to assure the bride and groom of clean, irritation and blemish-free skin on their special day. The haldi ceremony also ensured the medication of any rashes, or injury, however, the minute it was.

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The Desi Skin Detox Formula

The idea of renovating and repairing before setting the first step to any new venture can be called a custom by now. Thus owing to the medicinal and purifying properties turmeric holds, it is considered to be an excellent exfoliant. Rinsing off the paste after the ceremony helps to scrub off the impurities and dead skin cells off the skin.

‘Turmericool’ and ‘Turmericalm’

Excitement and nervousness often leave the bride and groom with cold feet just before their wedding. Apart from the antibacterial property, the curcumin present in Haldi acts as a mild reliever of anxiety. Hence, the haldi ceremony is also to relax the to-be`s mind. And also keep them calm and cool.

Beautiful Haldi Ceremony
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To Drive Away ‘BURI NAZAR’

Envy is an undeniable human response. Turmeric being a sacred ingredient is applied to shoo away the ‘buri nazar’ or the envious vibes. In fact, the bride and the groom are not allowed to step out of their house after the ‘haldi’ ceremony is done, till they walk down the aisle.


How to Make a Turmeric Paste

Now, after knowing about the wonders, the small bowl of paste can do, you must be wondering about the recipe of this magical concoction, Right?

Well, the process of how to prepare haldi for the haldi ceremony differs from region to region, and from family to family.

Sometimes it is a mixture of haldi, sandalwood, rose water and many other ingredients. We also find it to be a simple paste of freshly ground turmeric roots and mustard oil, especially in Eastern India, in the states of Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Assam and others.

However, with the advent of an understanding of differences in skin types, you may always opt for a concoction that goes well with the bride`s and the groom`s skin. For that, you gotta determine the type of skin- whether dry, oily or sensitive. But 


You may take up the 

Barefaced Method

This is typically an hour-long observation process. After washing your face off with a gentle cleanser, you gotta wait for 30 minutes. Do not apply any type of serum, gel or moisturizer. After the first 30 minutes, check the high points of your face for any sheen. Again wait for 30 more minutes to see if your skin feels tight and too dry. 

If you feel a tug on your skin while smiling and making facial expressions, this is an indication of dry skin. You might be having oily skin if all the high points feel shiny and not dry. And if you find signs of dryness on your face apart from the forehead and nose, you may have combination skin.

The Blotting Paper Test

You may undergo this test by lightly patting a piece of blotting paper on your face. You have to understand how much oil the paper has taken on, by holding it to a light source. If you find no or very little oil, you have dry skin. If oil is revealed from the forehead and nose tip only, you might be having combination skin. And if you find a good absorption of oil, you are very likely to have oily skin. 

Now that you know the skin type of the dulha and dulhan, it would be wise to choose the relevant option of concoctions, based on their skin type, to make the most of the magic.

For Dry Skin

Make a concoction by adding Malai (cream), Besan (chickpea flour), Chandan (sandalwood powder), and some Badam shirin (almond oil) with some haldi paste or powder. The malai shall work to retain moisture in the skin, besan is an excellent and gentle exfoliant, the chandan shall breathe life to your skin with its fragrance and clear those acne marks. You may also add some almond or olive oil in case of extremely dry skin.

For Oily Skin

Since they are already blessed with the secretion of oils naturally, a simple mixture of Chandan, Haldi and Gulab jal (rose water) shall work wonders. We already know the magic turmeric and sandalwood does to the skin. However, the Gulab jal shall help in combining the other two ingredients of the mixture well. Rosewater even possesses some anti-inflammatory properties, which makes it act as a toner, that soothes agitated skin. 

Combination skins are often the most sensitive ones.

For Sensitive Skin

It is always good to go for this concoction, in case of sensitive skin, or if the skin type is not as clear. You may mix some Multani mitti (fuller's earth), dahi (yogurt) and turmeric together to form a smooth paste. The bacteria present in the yogurt shall help to fight acne-causing microorganisms. The multani mitti helps in removing the excess oil and sebum and eradicates dirt out of the skin.

Now that you are sorted with the recipe to the perfect haldi paste for the haldi ceremony, can we sit and decide on some


Amazing Haldi Decoration Ideas?

Not many of us can deny the fact that Indian Weddings can easily compete with festivals! The gala arrangements and celebration are almost a week-long event. Each day has its own set of rituals and each ritual holds its own share of significance. In fact, each event of the entire wedding has its own conventional hues. And for the haldi ceremony, yellow is the colour.

Before we get into the colours, let us go and quickly check

The Entrance Decor

A warm entrance receiving the guests with open arms shall set the mood of the event. A floral gate, adorned with vibrant coloured flowers, garlands and leaves can be a basic yet impressive option. 

However, you may even choose to make the entrance space serve as a photo booth for the instal lover guests. You may either set up for some quirky desi props or avail yourself the subtle and simple options. Whatever reflects the to-be marrieds.

Going for some themed and customised easels with quotes for the haldi ceremony to keep the guests guided through the entrance into the venue can add as an element as well. These babies are taking up the trend these days.

Entrance Decoration
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Nothing can beat the bling rangolis brought into any Indian decor. Moreover, this can be a filling yet the budget-friendly element of the decoration of a venue. For the haldi ceremony, placing small and big floral rangolis, especially of yellow and orange marigolds can create wonders. 

Besides, you may even go for further acing up the art by decorating them with earthenware and some lights. However, depending on the colour palette chosen for the decor, you may always exercise your creative aptitude and add to the beauty of this art.

Haldi Ceremony Rangoli
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Jhoola and Chattri

Umbrellas of a specific colour palette can be used for decorating the ceiling of the canopy and scattering a few more around the venue. These can serve the purpose of shading the sun if it's a daytime undersky event. 

Multicoloured mirror work umbrellas can also be a nice option to reflect the ‘rangeela’ spirit. Besides, they add a desi bling to the decor.

Now, let's shed some light on arranging for special seating for the stars of the event, aka. The bride or the groom. Swings are topping the trend these days. Beautifully decorated with flowers and colourful drapables. Just Wow! 

However, you may always opt for decorating a simple charpai or stool with impressive backdrops and other haldi ceremony decoration items.

Jhoola and Chattri in wedding
Image Source : @shree_ram_events_management

Oh, yea, this made me recall. We are not yet done with the


The situation, right?

Here are some amazing pictures to seek some inspiration from.

This was the first thing that caught my eyes on the Pinterest feed this morning. Just look at the colourful kites and kettles hanging around! This certainly brings the utmost desi, quirky vibes to the event! 

And this one is a perfect, simple yet wonderful backdrop for the seating of the to-be wedded`s. I would certainly go for this design as a minimalistic option.

And how about this unconventional theme? Doesn't this look eye-catching enough? I feel the pink and purple flowers, and the orange-yellow-white garlands on the pink background, are creating a perfect and rich contrast palette. This can be a wonderful inspiration to create an attractive and photogenic backdrop.

If it's not that big an event, you may always go for haldi decoration at home.

Backdrop in Wedding
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Haldi paste is done, and we are sorted with the haldi ceremony decorations. But what is the dulha-dulhan going to wear?

Hope these

Haldi Ceremony Dress Ideas

help them to decide.

Haldi Ceremony Dress for the Bridal Purpose

To go by convention, they may always choose for the day a yellow haldi ceremony dress for the bride. Nobody can go wrong with an A-line flared indo western long dress. A good ghera shall add to the elegance of the dress. 

And how can we overlook this stunning yellow gharara, with rich stonework all throughout the kameez, that adds to the bling! The bride definitely looks like a  piece of sunshine walking down the aisle.

A simple, bright yellow lehenga can make the bride carry the minimalist elegance. An approach of modern haldi ceremony dress for the bride.

Or how about carrying out a pind di sherni look with this quirky combination of all yellow Patiala suit, and contrast coloured dupatta, another wonderful haldi ceremony dress for girls. Oh, and can you overlook the sass she spills with the funky goggles she is wearing?

And I can't keep my eyes off this beautiful white gown, adorned with yellow and white flower borders. She looks like an angel who has just come down to earth, in this dress for the haldi ceremony.

However, these beautiful yellow saree paired with floral pieces of jewellery are making my bong soul nostalgic already! Our sundori haldi ceremony bride.

Bride Dress
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Now, what should our Dulhe Raja wear?


Unlike the bride, it might seem that there are only a handful of options for the groom. Kurta pajama, dhoti, or sherwani it is. But trust me some simplest of outfits can highlight the prince charming in any guy. 

Just like this yellow kurta with chikankari work done all over the front and the sleeves. A simple haldi ceremony dress for the groom.

This can be the perfect, simple and comfortable haldi ceremony dress for the groom.  

And how about this red and green ikkat dhoti and uttariya, which amazingly contrasts with his yellow kurta. And with the neckpiece he carries, he doesn't look anything less than a king.

However, if the haldi ceremony of the bride and groom is conducted jointly, the couple can always twinn their haldi ceremony outfits.

They may always use a bicolour palette, with yellow and a contrasting pastel shade for the day function. 

Or pair yellow with some contrast floral pattern.

Moreover, no one can ever make a mistake, by taking up the combination of yellow and white. Can they?

Groom Dress
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And at last, but not the least

How to Plan & Celebrate a Haldi Ceremony ?

As Indians, we all know the importance weddings have in society and the family. In fact, many Indian families start saving up for the wedding of their wards right after they are born, just like it is done for education. 

The Haldi ceremony is an important part of the entire wedding, it is as important to a well-planned haldi preparation for the wedding.


The wedding budgets are potentially a big portion of the lifelong savings of the normal middle-class Indians. Hence it is important to judiciously spend on each and every event. The haldi ceremony is usually celebrated among the closed circle of the bride and groom. Thus, the budget allotted to the arrangements is not usually as high as the wedding ceremony.

Wedding Decoration
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Since it is a very intimate ritual, the guest list shall also be on the curb, with closer relatives and friends. It is important to choose the venue, in accordance with the crowd. Outdoor is a very appropriate venue type for haldi ceremony conduction. However, there are families who prefer organizing it indoors, which is perfectly normal as well.

Wedding Venue
Image Soure : thetamarindtree


It is best to have the haldi ceremony in the daytime, to make the best of the colour palette, and decorations. It is in fact very common as a daytime function. The colourful ceiling decor, canopies, floral backdrop, when could all these goodness exhibit their utmost beauty better than in the daylight?

Picture Click Timing
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Theme, Decor and Ambience

Though we have already talked about the decoration of the venue in a previous part of this blog, you might want to remember a few more things. Always consider the venue, and size of the celebration while setting the cost of the haldi wedding ceremony.

In many cases, it is preferred to be conducted indoors. In such circumstances, it's better to look for a simple haldi decoration at home for the groom or the bride.

Wedding Theme
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A haldi playlist is a must-have for the event. Incorporate as many bolly and indie-pop numbers. No jukebox ever had anything called too many songs. They set the vibe and bring about the merry of the people at the ceremony. Besides, we wouldn't want our guests to die of ‘boriyat’, would we?

Dance in Haldi celebration
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Laughter, play, music, and energy- this is what the haldi event is going to be all about. As a host, it is important on your part to ensure that the taste buds of the guests are served aptly.

Staying hydrated is necessary for the bride and everyone in the ceremony, especially if it's a daytime and outdoor event. It is thus best to keep the menu light and have enough fluids for the people to sip on. Shakes, lassi, juices and coolers are perfect for summertime, and a good array of warm beverages shall work wonders for the winter event.

For food, it is always best to keep finger foods that can be munched on while playing with the haldi, and having a gala time.

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With all the efforts and pomp in the show, we wouldn't really like missing out on keeping the memoirs of the day right? So it is important to arrange and organize a haldi ceremony photoshoot. The perfect wedding haldi pics of the groom and haldi pics of the bride shall remain cherished forever.

Wedding Photography
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