15 Best Chandan Designs for Bengali Bride

The white Chandan designs for Bengali bride they do on their foreheads is probably the most unique part of a bridal get-up of the Bengali culture. Find the perfect inspiration for the same in this blog.

You see those intricate Nauvari Sarees, and you know she`s a Maratha Bride. See the red chooras and kaleeras, you know she's a Punjabi Bride. Similarly, there ought to be something special about the beautiful queens dressed in Red banarasi.

Is it their Misti vibe, or the elegance of their outfit? The white Chandan designs for Bengali bride they do on their foreheads is probably the most unique part of a bridal get-up of the Bengali culture. But do you know? Apart from its beauty, the red and white Bindi designs that Bong brides do, have scientific and traditional significance as well.

Bengali bride with saree
Image Source : me_the_madhu
bride with saree
Image Source : paulsamuel71011

The white colour is usually of sandalwood paste, colloquially known as Chondon fota. And the red comes from sindoor. The Red vermillion has some portion of mercury in it. Applying to the temple of your forehead is believed to keep the composure of your mind. Marriage brings in a lot of responsibility. With responsibility comes to stress and the requirement of making good decisions for your entire family.

Previously, all the homely affairs were taken care of by the women. And keeping calm in adverse situations is indeed a challenge. Also, the Chandan paste is supposed to cool your forehead and reduce the strain. The wedding day particularly leaves the Bride stressed out. And the sandalwood paste design that stretches from the middle of the forehead to the ends of the eyebrow is supposed to relax the Woman. 

White dhakai jamdani saree
Image source- Sourav Paul
Red Bride
Image source- Pinterest

Moreover, the red and white bridal forehead Chandan design on the forehead in Indian culture symbolises the divine feminine power, known as Parvati, Lakshmi and many other names. Traditionally it is supposed to manifest Devi's grace inside the new Bride.

Doesn't that sound interesting?

So this was all about why Bengalis do those beautiful Bengali bridal Chandan designs.

Now let us look at some beautiful Bengali bridal Chandan designs for your Inspo!

1. Oh! So Intricate And Simplistic Bridal Bindi Art!

Yellow saree bride
Image Source - trisha_bera773

The first thing I saw today on Instagram today! I am absolutely mesmerized by her elegance!

2. A Bold Affair!

Just see how beautiful and bold she looks in her black outfit with the silver oxidized jewellery. The statement Kolka is making looks bombdiggity dot com!

Bold beautiful bride
Image source - muktimua
Beautiful Bengali bodhu
Image Source- teamweddingera

3. Ah-So Divine!

Bengali bride
Image Source : tikliwali
Bengali bride
Image Source : me_the_madhu

Now this lady out here is simply looking something beyond all earthy, in the simple white Chandan art!

4. The Artistic Retreat!

Beautiful Kolka on hands
Image source - makeupwalididi

Though it's a dummy on the hand, I can well see the amount of talent that made this design!

5. The Rhombus Temple!

Beautiful kolka design
Image source - rupa makeup maven

Doesn't this look like a beauty and the vibe of new beginnings getting radiated rhombally? Indeed beautiful.

6. A Tinted Twist!

Yellow Kolka
Image source - jyotisingha.30

Now, this kolka design has brought a new dimension to the art by doing it in yellow.

7. A Simple Yet Beautiful One!

Beautiful smiling bride
Image source - Kalpita de Sikder

This simple yet intricate design has been indeed amped up by the red highlights amidst the Chandan design.

8. The Minimalist Divinity!

And how about this effortless simple red and white buti kolka? I can totally swear by that.

Buti kolka
Image source - Lakmé Salon
Bengali bride eyes
Image source -The Bengali Wedding Magazine

9. A Level Up Of Simplistic Elegance!

Bengali bride
Image Source : ranadgp1970

The pretty buti kolka has been taken a level up with the wave-like motif. A minimalist glory.

10. The Adi-shree!

Beautiful Bride
Image source - Kalpita de Sikder

This beautiful intricate Kolka design has been extended to the cheekbones. And this has been done with utmost perfection.

11. Ogo Bodhu Sundori!

Sindur art
Image source - Pinterest
Bengali stunning bride
Image source - Pinterest

A modern adaptation of the traditional Bong Bride. I am simply falling for the intricate alpana done around the sindoor in the mid hair partition, in this Bengali bridal Chandan design pictures.

Apart from their foreheads and cheek, brides these days are experimenting with Bengali bride Chandan designs on other parts of their body, like the feet, or the arms.

12. The Mandala Footsteps.

Mandala foot art
Image Source - platinum property services
Foot art
Image source - Pinterest

This beautiful picture of the mandala-inspired Chandan art for the feet is taking Instagram by storm.

13. For The Swabeki Sleeveless Look!

bride with chandan
Image Source : Youtube

This beautiful Alpana on the shoulders is literally driving me into the realms of traditional bangaliana. A divine exalted glory!

14. A Modern Elegance!

Bengali wedding bride
Image source - makeup artist Banashree Dhar

This intricate and filling Kolka design in red and white is a perfectly modern and chique Kolka design.

15. As Gorgeous As The Queen!

Beautiful Bong bride
Image Source- Tikli
Simple bride
Image source - Fab Weddings

This beautiful bride is in a peach outfit and the white and red intricate Chandan designs for Bengali bride is looking subtle and gorgeous all at the same time. I just can't move my eyes from her for a moment.

How do you like all the beautiful designs we assorted? 

However, if you are about to get married any time soon, you gotta keep something in mind while you do your Bengali bridal Chandan.

Chandan designs for Bengali brides were done with sandalwood paste traditionally, but the base has evolved to Multani mitti, kori mati and now bridal Chandan pen. This has enabled more intricacy of the Chandan art. So never settle for anything less than awesome for your special day.