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18 Unique And Traditional Bihari Wedding Rituals - ShaadiBooks

Weddings in Bihar are classy affairs, filled with joyful traditions and customs that reflect the cultural heritage of the state. Located in the Eastern part of India, Bihar has always been a place known for its vibrant festivity. So, be it a pre Bihari wedding rituals or post wedding ritual, every ceremony is steeped in rich symbolism and traditionalism. Read on to learn about the glory of Bihari marriage rituals in this blog post. 

Celebrating Love Through Traditions: Bihari Wedding Rituals

If you have ever been to Bihar, then, you must have already seen the beauty of the land's cultural diversity. Known as the land of festivals, the Bihari wedding ceremonies hold immense importance as they reflect the pious union of two souls.

While, Bihari wedding rituals are passed down from generation to generation. You can eye-witness its rich glory if you ever get lucky to attend a Bihari Indian wedding in Kolkata. 

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So, relax and sit back while we take you through the joyous Bihari rituals of marriage here!

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Decoding A List Of Bihari Marriage Rituals Step By Step

  • Satya Narayan Katha
  • Cheka
  • Tilak
  • Ubtan Or Haldi Kutai
  • Mandappachadan
  • Matripujan & Dhritdhaari
  • Silpoha & Imli Ghutai
  • Paricchavan
  • Baraat Prasthan
  • Jaimala
  • Galsedi
  • Kangana Bandhana
  • Kanyadaan
  • Kuldevta Pujan, Bhaisur Nirakshan, And Pheras 
  • Kohwar Parikshan, And Salami
  • Vidaai
  •  Swagam Aarti, Muh Dikhaai, And Chauthari
  •  Chauka Cchulai

Pre Bihari Wedding Rituals That Bring Joy, Happiness, And Celebrations

Satya Narayan Katha: Prayers To The Divine Power

The holy blessings of the divine power always mark every wedding ceremony. Bihari marriage rituals start by seeking blessings from Lord Narayan. The Satya Narayan Katha is generally hosted by the parents of the bride. Where the priests give the bride with blessings by chanting Vedic mantras. 

The bride's family invites the groom's family and close relatives to join them in the auspicious start of the wedding celebration. 

Satya Narayan Katha: Prayers To The Divine Power© @portlandpandit

Cheka: The Official Engagement Ceremony

Like any other Indian wedding, the Bihar marriage rituals also start with an official ring ceremony. Taking place in the bride's home, the groom along with his family visits the bride's home to perform the engagement ceremony. 

The bride and groom exchange wedding rings for a lifelong commitment. Whereas, the families exchange sweets, jewelry, and other sorts of gifts as 'Shagun' to give the wedding a fun start. 

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Tilak: The Groom's Acceptance

Among other significant pre Bihari wedding rituals is the 'Tilak' function. In this ceremony, the bride's father and brother visit the groom's house to bless him with their acceptance into the family. The brother of the bride applies a paste of sandalwood, vermillion, and turmeric on the groom's forehead and gifts him sweets, wedding accessories, and attire. 

All the elders of the family of both the bride and the groom are present during this occasion. 

Tilak: The Groom's Acceptance© @rahulkabaddi

Ubtan Or Haldi Kutai: The Joyful Haldi Ceremony

As vibrant as other Hindu wedding rituals, the 'Haldi Kutai' makes a Bihari wedding fun and joyous. All the married ladies and friends apply the turmeric paste on the bride's face, hands, and feet to celebrate the wedding uniquely. 

The groom also gets ready in his Haldi day attire to experience the rituals and traditions of the Haldi ceremony. 

The Joyful Haldi Ceremony© Birdlens Creation
Bridal haldi photoshoot© Sombit Dey Photography
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Mandappachadan: Decorating The Wedding Mandap

Though this ritual is not much seen nowadays, 'mandappachadan' refers to the decoration of the wedding mandap and venue. For this Bihari marriage rituals, five senior men of the bride and groom's family set up the wedding mandap center with 'harish'. 

Then, the wedding venue is decorated with bamboo, mango leaves, and banana leaves. But, in recent trends, the groom and the bride opt to celebrate their wedding day at different quintessential venues. 

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Wedding Mandap Decoration© soulconnectbykabirevents
Decorating The Wedding Mandap© @genesisincindia

Matripujan & Dhritdhaari: Blessings From The Ancestors

Two rituals and customs that hold immense respect in the Bihari community are the 'Dhritdhaari and Matripujan' ceremonies. This ritual takes place at both the Bihari bride and groom's place respectively. Where the elders perform a puja and offer money and clothes to the ancestors and the living elders to bless the wedding couple. 

Matripujan & Dhritdhaari© Rig photography
Blessings From The Ancestors© Rig photography

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Silpoha & Imli Ghutai: Taking Off The Evil Omens

Silpoha also known as the rice grinding ceremony takes place in the early morning of the wedding day. The groom's mother and the mother-in-law perform this ritual by grinding rice (akshat) on a 'sil-nora' and wrapping the paste in her dupatta. This ritual is specifically done to seek holy blessings from God.

'Imli Ghutai' is another Bihari traditional wedding ritual. That is done before the wedding. During this ritual, the maternal uncle and aunt of the groom ward off evil energy from the groom and feed him a betel nut. The mother of the groom then takes the betel nut from the groom symbolizing that she will take all evil omen of her child. 

Taking Off The Evil Omens© Wedding Moments Studio
Silpoha & Imli Ghutai© Wedding Moments Studio

Bihari Wedding Day Ceremonies, Rituals, And Traditions 

Paricchavan: The Mother's Blessing For The Groom

This ritual is performed by the mother of the groom before he heads out for the wedding venue with his 'baraat'. The groom's forehead is smudged with a tilak from his mother. Followed by an 'aarti' to bless the son for his new marital life. 

The Mother's Blessing For The Groom© Rig photography

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Baraat Prasthan: The Groom Leaves For The Wedding Venue

The groom leaves in a decorated vehicle along with his groomsmen (Sahwala) and other 'baraatis' to the wedding venue. This ritual is loaded with fun, dance, and the show of firecrackers till the wedding mandap.

Baraat Prasthan Photography© @hitchedandclicked
The Groom Leaves For The Wedding Venue© Wedding Moments Studio

Jaimala: The Heartfelt Exchange Of Wedding Garlands

The 'Jaimala' ritual needs no new introduction in the frame of Indian weddings. Likewise, a Behari wedding ceremony feels incomplete without a graceful 'Jaimala' ritual. This is a Bihari wedding tradition where the groom and bride exchange floral garlands to begin their wedding ceremony. 

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Bihari Wedding Jaimala Ritual © @Weddings Unplugged
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Galsedi: Unique Wedding Rituals For The Groom

This ritual is quite famous in the Bihari community. In which the wedding girl's mother and other married women start the 'Galsedi' ritual. They carry an oil lamp, cow dung, and betel leaves towards the groom and use it five times to wave off 'nazar'. They also throw the cow dung behind the groom to give the wedding an auspicious start. 

Kangana Badhana: Tying The Sacred Thread Of Happiness

In the authentic Bihari wedding rituals, both the bride and groom are tied a sacred yellow thread by the wedding priest on their right hand. The bracelet is made of cotton, mango leaves, coins, turmeric, and colourful rice. The wedding couple needs to keep the thread wearing for four days post their wedding rituals.

Kangana Badhana Ritual Photography© Rig Photography
Bihari Wedding Ritual Photoshoot© Kagoo Pictures
Bihari Wedding Photography© Kagoo Pictures

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Kanyadaan: The Emotional Moment Of The Father Giving His Daughter To The Groom

Like any other wedding in the vast land of India. Bihari parents too perform the ceremony of 'Kanyadaan'. The father of the bride hands over his daughter to his son-in-law taking a promise from him to protect his daughter for a lifetime.

Kanyadaan Ritual© sudhirstudio.com
Kanyadaan Photography© weddingvyapar
Bihari wedding Kanyadaan Photoshoot© Rig Photography

Kuldevta Pujan, Bhaisur Nirakshan, And Pheras: The Final Wedding Moment

The bride and the groom start their wedding rituals with 'Kuldevta ki Pujan'. Which symbolizes the witnessing of the sun, moon, earth, and stars over the marriage union. After this, the bride's father along with the 'bhaisur' groom's elder brother gifts the bride with jewelry, a saree, and other accessories sent by her mother-in-law. They also bless the bride by covering their heads with handkerchiefs. 

Following the 'Kuldevta ki Pujan' and 'Bhaisur Nirakshan', the groom and the bride take seven wedding vows known as 'pheras' around the sacred fire. 

The Final Wedding Moment© pinterest
Kuldevta Pujan, Bhaisur Nirakshan, And Pheras© @dasbibek

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Post Wedding Rituals Of Bihari Wedding That You Must Not Skip

Kohwar Parikshan And Salami: Beautiful Bihari Shaadi Traditions

'Kohwar Parikshan' is an interesting Bihari wedding ritual, in which all the women of the bride's family inspect the wedding bed of the couple the next morning to find signs of solemnization. Following this fun-filled wedding custom, the senior members of the family bless the couple with 'salami' or cash and money before they leave for the groom's home. 

Vidaai: The Departure Of The Wedded Bride

After the successful wedding ceremonies, now it's time for the bride and groom to head towards the bride's new home. As a part of Bihari marriage rituals, the brother of the bride escorts the couple to the decorated vehicle where the newlywed couple bids goodbye to the bride's family.

Bihari Vidaai Ritual Photoshoot© sudhirstudio.com
Bridal Vidaai Photography© @weddinganswers
Vidaai Photoshoot© @design_aqua_studio

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Swagam Aarti, Muh Dikhaai, And Chauthari: Marking All The Festivities

As soon as the newlywed couple reaches the groom's place, she is happily welcomed with an aarti. The mother of the groom places a copper vessel that the bride has to step on and enter her new home. All the family members and close relatives of the groom bless the newlywed bride with gifts and cash for the 'muh dikhaai rasam'.

Swagam Aarti, Muh Dikhaai, And Chauthari© @nehasahmakeovers
Marking All The Festivities© Rig Photography

Chauka Cchulai: The First Cooking Meal Prepared By The Bride

Among all the post-wedding rituals, 'Chauka Cchulai' is one ritual that tests the newlywed bride's cooking skills. She is given the responsibility to prepare five dishes for the groom's family. After which, her mother-in-law hands over the grocery room keys to the bride. The other family members also bless and praise the new bride's cooking skills. 

Chauka Cchulai Photoshoot© @MAKEUP BY SLOKA
The First Cooking Meal Prepared By The Bride© @shahidsobti_makeup

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With elaborate marriage rituals, traditions, and customs, Bihari weddings continue to win hearts for ages. So, if you are planning an exotic and dreamy wedding, then, ShaadiBooks has it all saved for your gala wedding celebrations. 

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