04 May, 2024

Complete Guide for Bengali Wedding Shopping List for Groom 

Discover the harmony of tradition and modernity in Bengali weddings with our curated "Bengali Wedding Shopping List for Groom." Dive into a symphony of colours and emotions, where every choice resonates with Bengali culture. From luxurious silk attire to sparkling gems, envision yourself embracing the essence of this cultural celebration. Stay on track amidst the planning frenzy with our essential guide tailored for the groom's perfect ensemble. Let the shopping journey commence. 💖

You would stand tall and confident, and Bengali wedding photography would capture this moment forever. 📷This thorough guide ensures that every detail is carefully crafted, from the tip of your turban to the bottom of your shoe. It takes you through the confusing streets of Kolkata's shopping areas and helps you choose the perfect Wedding venues in Kolkata that reflect the grandeur of your love story.

So, dear groom-to-be, welcome this trip with excitement. Within these pages lie the secrets to putting together an outfit that captures hearts and leaves an indelible mark on the canvas of memories that will be captured by wedding photographers in Kolkata and passed down through generations.

We made a Bengali Wedding Tatta List for Groom to ensure you have everything. Following this list, you can buy anything from various shopping places in Kolkata. ✨


One more name for the Topor is the cork tree. The tree is a sign of good luck and customs in Bengali weddings. This carefully made a cone-shaped hat from paper and shoal goes on top of the groom's head and gives his outfit a royal touch. Its pure white colour means the couple will have a happy and successful future together. 💑 Expert artisans often make each Topor's detailed designs, giving each one its special charm and making it an important part of the groom's outfit. When worn with the wedding shoal tiara, the Topor completes the ceremony outfit and brings good luck to the couple's marriage.

Topor© Rig Photography


In Bengali society, the Dhoti (also written as Dhuti) is an important item on the groom wedding shopping list to purchase because it represents tradition and beauty. Crafted from silk or khadi, it is the perfect example of understated elegance. 💖People usually wear the Dhoti in white, beige, or cream, representing holiness and cleanliness. Whether you choose silk, khadi, or cotton, the most important thing is that the man is comfortable. This will help him look confident and elegant throughout the celebrations.

Dhoti© Rig Photography


The Punjabi, which is the same as a Bengali groom's wedding Kurta, is always classy and charming. Crafted from high-end silk or tasar fabric, it has delicate embroidery that makes it look even more expensive. Bengali men don't like kurtas that are too big on them; instead, they like elegantly tailored Punjabis that show off their shape. Cream and red are the most popular colours for this Bengali marriage groom dress because they express royal families. But if you want to look like a traditional Bengali, Punjabi is the best choice. It shows off the culture with grace and style.

 Punjabi© Rig Photography
best groom entry song© colourmebriight_

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Elegantly draped around the groom, the Jor is a silk garment representing the joining of minds in a traditional Bengali wedding. The Jor connects the bride and groom's paths as they walk around the holy fire, representing the holy marriage bond. With great care and attention to detail, this garment shows Bengal's rich cultural history and adds a custom touch to the wedding celebrations.

 Jor© Rig Photography


For the man, a high-quality leather wallet is an important thing to have on his wedding day. Its practical purpose is to protect cash and essentials, but it also stands for duty and readiness. 💼 As the groom starts this important trip, his wallet is by his side, ensuring that all his transactions go smoothly and that his money stays in order during the celebrations. With great care and attention to detail, picking a wallet that matches your style adds a touch of class to the groom's outfit and shows that he cares about both function and style.

Wallet© Vivagifts


A perfume or deodorant that smells good can make the groom stand out, affecting the bride and guests that will last. Grooms must pick the right smell because it shows their style and personality. You can choose a perfume with soft musk notes or bright citrus undertones. By selecting the right perfume, the wedding attire groom may convey wealth and charm. This will help him look confident and charming during the event. 

Perfume© The Wedding Avenue


The man looks a little more put-together and classy with a well-chosen belt that holds his outfit together. A simple but stylish leather belt, whether it's classic or modern and has small embellishments, is a great way for the man to show off his style and attention to detail on his wedding day.

  Belt© atlantabrandingphotographer.com

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Handkerchief, or Rumal

This finely embroidered or patterned piece is more than just a useful addition to your outfit. When people are feeling down, it becomes a sign of custom and sentimentality, ready to wipe away happy tears or offer comfort. Crafted to match the groom's outfit, the rumal represents cultural history and will always be a treasured memento of the wedding.

Handkerchief, or Rumal© Glowroad

Wedding Footwear

Bengali man's shoes are a big part of making him look better when he wears a traditional Bengali groom wedding dress. They can take a simple dress and turn it into something special. If a guy wears the right shoes with his traditional sherwani or modern suit, the outfit will look better and more put-together. If the groom picks wedding shoes that look good and are comfy, he can confidently walk and make an impression with every step. 👞🌟

Wedding Footwear© Shutterstock


A wristwatch is more than just a way to tell time. It's a sign of style, class, and being on time. Getting the right watch is a sign of class and ease for a Bengali groom. This man's choice of an analogue watch or a smartwatch, which is more current, shows what kind of person he is. Wristwatches come in a lot of different styles and names. An outfit with the groom's suit adds a touch of class and charm, keeping him on time and in charge during the celebrations. ⌚

Wristwatches© Rig Photography

Hair Care Products

A big part of a Bengali grooming practice is correctly handling his hair. Each product, from treatments that strengthen hair to styling gels and sprays, is an important part of making hair look and feel better. In a marriage shopping list for Indian groom, getting the right hairbrush and blow dryer is important for exact styling and getting the essence of Bengali groom pictures right. By putting hair care first, the groom projects confidence and style, making an impact that will last long after his wedding. 💇‍♂️💫

Hair Care Products© Mastcert

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Getting ready for a Bengali wedding is more than just picking out clothes. It's a journey of ritual, self-expression, and celebration. Each part of a groom's look, from the famous Topor to the smaller details of cleaning products, helps create an image that fits his cultural background and personal style. The groom walks down the aisle confidently and in style by making a wedding list for groom that includes essentials like Dhoti, Punjabi, and Jor and accessories like wallets, perfumes, and wristwatches. With great care for detail and a nod to custom, the Bengali groom accepts the richness of his heritage and the chance for a fresh start. 🎊💍💖

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