27 Mar, 2024

The Beauty Of Bengali Wedding Rituals That You Need To Know About

Bengali marriage rituals are not just popular for their cultural glory. But, it reflects the journey of a bride and groom throughout the wedding ceremonies. So, get to know the meaning of each important Bengali wedding rituals in this blog. Read to find out! 

The Elegant Essence Of Bengali Wedding Rituals, Traditions, And Customs

Bengali weddings, like any other Indian weddings, have their own set of rituals, traditions, and customs that are deeply rooted in the Bengali culture. The traditional Bengali weddings and their rituals are so vibrant that the whole country finds it interesting and fun. 

So, if you are a Bengali who is planning to settle down soon with your partner in the heart of Kolkata. Then, you must know the importance of each Bengali wedding rituals even before hiring the best wedding planners in Kolkata and the best wedding venues in Kolkata

The cumulation of all the Bengali marriage rituals is no doubt a treat to the eyes, be it the Subho Drishti one, or the Bor Boron one. So, keep reading this blog to unveil the cultural glory of the rituals of a Bengali wedding!

Photo of a wedding couple © The Sparkling Wedding
A Bengali wedding bride pic© The Sparkling Wedding
Bengali bride posing pic© The Sparkling Wedding

A Bengali Wedding Rituals List For Your Pre-Wedding, Wedding Day, And Post-Wedding Day

  • Adan Pradan
  • Ashirbaad
  • Aiburo-Bhaat
  • Bengali Nitkone & Nitbor
  • Sankha Pola Porano
  • Ganga Nimontran
  • Dodhi Mangal
  • Nandi Mukh
  • Gaye Holud
  • Tatta
  • Darpan
  • Bor Boron
  • Bastra Daan
  • Subho Drishti
  • Mala Badal
  • Kanyadaan
  • Yagna Pujan
  • Saptapadi
  • Vivah Anjali
  • Sindoor Daan
  • Bashor Raat Jaga
  • Bidaai
  • Bou Baran
  • Bou Bhaat
  • Phool Sajya

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Unique Pre Bengali Wedding Rituals Step By Step

Adan Pradan: The Final Wedding Date

Every Bengali wedding starts with the ritual of 'Adan Pradan' which is also known as finalizing the final wedding date in the Hindu wedding culture. This Bengali pre wedding rituals is usually private where no guests are invited except for close family members. 

In this ritual, both the parents of the bride and groom along with a priest finalize their children's wedding date. Sweets and gifts are exchanged between the families after the date is confirmed by the priests. 

Bengali wedding card image© @porinoycard
Photo of a wedding card© @porinoycard

Ashirbaad: The Blessings Of The Elders

The 'Ashirbaad' is a part of Bengali wedding rituals, in which the father and mother of the bride bless the groom with gifts. The same is done by the groom's family for the bride. The wedding couples are blessed with dhan, dubyo, and rice, and ornaments are also exchanged between them. 

Close relatives and friends join the couple in these Bengali rituals before marriage. Also, do not forget to hire the best wedding photographers in Kolkata to frame your beautiful wedding moments.

Bride getting blessings from family pic© @The Wedding Rituals
Aashirbaad Photography© @Olivia Biswas

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Aiburo-Bhaat: The Last Meal For The Unmarried 

In the Bengali marriage rituals, the 'Aiburo-Bhaat' is the last meal that both the bride and groom enjoy at their home a few days before the wedding day. All the favorite dishes of the couples are cooked by their respective families to bless them for their new marital journey. 

Bride eating her aiburobhaat meal © @aerica sardar
Bride having her aiburobhaat lunch pic© @Mua Mousumi

Bengali Nitkone & Nitbor: Wedding Companions Of The Bride And Groom

A fun and interesting tradition in the Bengali Brahmin wedding rituals is the 'Nitbor and Nitkone' ritual. In this, the 'Nitbor' is a boy child who accompanies the soon-to-be groom from the 'Aiburobhaat' to the wedding.

Similarly, a bride is accompanied by a sweet girl child or the 'Nitkone' till her wedding day. Though there is no importance behind this Bengali Hindu ritual. But, this one is surely woven with lots of joy for the boy and girl child as Nitbor and Nitkone.

Sankha Pola Porano: Symbolizing Bengali Married Women

If you have seen a Bengali bride then, you must have also seen her beautiful hands with 'Sankha' and 'Pola' bangles. In the Bengali wedding tradition, 'Sankha' is made from a conch shell whereas 'Pola' is made from red coral. 

Thus, every Bengali bride is made to wear 'Sankha Pola' on the day before her wedding.

Bride wearing Sakha Pola pic© @rituraaj_photography
Wedding bride posing pic© kolkataweddingphotographers.com

Ganga Nimantran: Welcoming The Auspiciousness River Ganga

'Ganga Nimantran' is yet another important Hindu Bengali wedding rituals that every family of the wedding couple follows. The married women of the bride and groom's family travel to the nearby Ganga river bank and seek the blessings of the holy river for the married couple. 

This ritual is usually performed on the morning of the wedding when the women worship the Ganga River with bananas, Sindoor, betel Leaves, and nuts. 

Bengali Wedding Rituals in Ganga River© Omkar Photography
Married women of Bengali bride performing Ganga nimontran © Omkar Photography

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Dodhi Mangal: The Wedding Day Meal

Dodhi Mongal is known as the last meal in the morning before sunrise that the bride and groom can consume before getting married. It is a mixture of yogurt, sweets, and flattened rice that the mothers of the bride and the groom feed them.

Dodhi Mongol of Bengali bride ritual© Reminiscence Photography

Nandi Mukh: Blessings Of The Ancestors

Among all the Bengali Hindu wedding rituals, 'Nandi Mukh' grabs the attention for being an emotional one for both the brief and groom. In this pre-wedding ritual, the bride and groom offer homage to their ancestors and seek their blessings for the new journey. 

Bride performing Nanhi mukh puja © @cateye.and.dimples
Nandi Mukh Photography© Birdlens Creation

Gaye Holud: The Haldi Ritual 

Gaye Holud or the Haldi ceremony is the most fun-filled and colorful ritual among all other rituals in Bengali wedding. The groom and the bride are smeared with a paste of Haldi on their wedding day to wave off evil eyes. 

After this ritual, the couple is bathed in water and wears a new saree and Punjabi provided by the families.

Wedding couple celebrating their Haldi ceremony© Rig Photography
Bengali Gaye Holud pic© Rig Photography
haldi pic© Rig Photography

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Tatta: The Wedding Gifts

One of the interesting rituals of Bengali weddings is the 'Tatta' making ceremony. Both the families of the wedding bride and groom prepare wedding gifts for the wedding day. These gifts include new clothes, toiletries, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, and a lot more. 

These gifts are packed and wrapped in colorful transparent papers and are exchanged between the families on the wedding mandap or even before that. 

Wedding Tatta or gifts© @Dipti Malik
Tatta and gifts© @craftzilla_

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A Peek Into The Bengali Rituals For Marriage Day

Darpan: Protection From The Evil Eyes

Before the groom sets off to the wedding venue with his 'Baraat', his mother ties a red Tulsi thread around the groom neck to protect him from negativity and evil eyes. In Bengali wedding rituals, 'Darpan' is given much significance for a holy start to the wedding life of the couple.

Bor Boron: Welcoming The Baraati And The Groom

This Bengali marriage ceremony is performed by the mother of the bride to welcome the groom and his 'Bor Jatri' to the wedding venue. All the grooms are blessed by their mother-in-law before they enter the wedding mandap. 

The bride's family waits for the 'Barat' at the doorstep to welcome them with open arms. The 'Bor' or groom sits in his car as his mother-in-law performs an 'Aarti' to welcome him. 

Mother-in-law welcoming the groom pic© Memories Designer

Bastra Daan: Gifting The Wedding Attire

The groom is given new clothes as his wedding attire before the wedding starts. He has to change his wedding dress and wear the one that the bride's family has gifted. 

These Bengali wedding rituals are sweet in their own way.

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Subho Drishti: The First Exchange Of Glances

One of the most beautiful Bengali marriage rituals is the 'Subho Drishti' in which the groom exchanges first glances with his new bride on the wedding mandap. The anticipation, excitement, and happiness bloom on the couple's faces as they see their love in front of their eyes on the wedding day. 

The bride covers her face with 'Paan Pata' before she is taken to the groom for the wedding rituals. These Bengali marriage rituals bring good luck to the wedding couple. 

© Qpidindia
subho dristi pose© Qpidindia
Bridal Subho Drishti pose photo© QpidIndia
Subho Drishti Bridal pose© Sayantan Dutta Photography

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Mala Badal: Ritual Of Exchanging Wedding Garlands

In this ritual, the bride and groom exchange floral garlands for the wedding. It is a fun Bengali wedding ceremony in which friends and families of the couple lift them to make the 'Mala Badal' ritual tough for them. 

varmala pose© Qpidindia
Exchange of garlands during wedding© @CALENDAR Events
Happy groom and bride wedding pic© @blessigns.foto

Kanyadaan: The Bengali Sampradan Ritual

The beauty of the Bengali rituals can be witnessed throughout a Bengali wedding. But, the emotions are unmatched when we are talking about the 'Kanyadaan' ritual. The father of the bride hands over his daughter to his son-in-law, promising to keep his daughter happy for the rest of their lives. 

He places the bride's hands over the groom's hand to fulfill the groom's marital vows. 

Kanyadaan wedding rituals © @F5 Weddings
Kanyadaan ritual photography© @axisimages

Yagna Pujan: Worshipping The Holy Fire

The wedding couple worships the God of Fire - 'Yagni' while the priest chants wedding 'Mantras' to worship the God of Fire. It is believed that 'Yagni' witnesses the wedding and the union of the loving souls getting married. 

Wedding rituals of Bengali bride and groom © Memories Designer

Saptapadi: The Seven Wedding Pheras

The bengali wedding rituals for groom and the bride that highlights the essence of a Bengali wedding is the 'Saptapadi' ritual. The 'pallu' of the bride is first tied to the groom's 'dhoti' so that they can take seven rounds around the fire. 

This is an age-old Bengali ritual, where the wedding couple takes seven vows to strengthen their everlasting bond. 

Bengali wedding sath paak e badha© @theblemishedtales
Bride and groom taking wedding pheras image© Rig Photography

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Vivah Anjali: Making Offerings To The Fire

According to the traditional Bengali wedding rituals, a Bengali marriage stands incomplete without offering puffed rice in the fire. For this ritual, the groom holds the bride's hand from behind as she pours 'Khoi' in the Yagni before the 'Sindoor Daan' ritual. 

Vivah Anjali© Qpidindia
Bengali anjali ritual image© @theweddingrituals.in
Vivah Anjali photography© @finedinediva

Sindoor Daan: The Final Wedding Ritual

The Bengali bride indoor daan ritual is part of a Bengali wedding in which the groom puts red vermillion on the bride's forehead. According to the traditional wedding rituals and customs, a bride is said to be finally married only after her husband applies 'Sindoor' on her forehead. 

From here, their marital life starts as a newly wedded couple. 

sindoordaan© Qpidindia
Sindoor Daan of Bengali bride pic© @pyaariweddings
Bengali bride posing for pictures© Rig Photography
sindoordaan© Qpidindia

Awaited Bengali Post Wedding Rituals

Bashor Raat Jaga: The Fun & Sleepless Night Of The Wedding Day

One of the awaited rituals of Bengali marriages is the 'Bashor Jaga' ritual. Once all the Bengali wedding rituals are over, the newlywed bride and groom are taken to a room which is also called the 'Bashor Ghor'. They are joined in by their friends, cousins, and close relatives where they play games, sing songs, and enjoy the entire night with the couple. 

In this age-old Bengali marriage ritual, the bride and the groom cannot sleep the entire night as it is considered inauspicious. 

Basor raat photography© Birdlens Creation

Bidaai: The Farewell Of The Newlywed Bride

The final Bengali wedding ritual that is emotional as well as heartwarming is 'Bidaai'. This ritual depends on the customs of a Bengali family, where some bid goodbye to their daughter the next morning of the wedding. Then, there are a few 'Bidaai' that take place after sunset. 

In these bittersweet moments, the bride meets her parents and bids them a final goodbye before leaving her home to start a new life with her groom.

bengali wedding bidaai ritual© Paper Planes Photography
bidaai photography© @CameraLove Photography

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Bou Baran: Welcoming The New Bride In The Family

The new bride is welcomed with joy and laughter into the groom's family after the wedding. She first has to step on a vessel of milk and 'alta' to go inside her new home or the 'Sasural'. 

The groom also takes responsibility for the bride for his entire life on the morning of the 'Bou Bhaat'.

bou boron ritual photography© Paper Planes Photography

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Bou Bhat: The Grand Reception Party

The 'Bou Bhat' or the reception day is the ritual of grand celebration that takes place in Bengali weddings. The groom throws a wedding party where everyone enjoys their hearts out. 

The newlywed couple also receives lots of gifts and blessings from the guests. 

Reception Photography© Ritu Raj Photography
Couple poses in reception© Reminiscene Photography

Phool Sajya: The First Wedding Night Together

This is the last custom in the Bengali marriage rituals and is probably the most anticipated one among every bride and groom. 'Phool Sajya' means a bed of flowers in which the newlywed couple spends their first night together.

phool sajya ritual© @Cakes and Decoration
phool sajya bed decoration© @munnarqueen


Be it your wedding or your friends, the Bengali wedding rituals are sure to make you fond of the rich Bengali culture. While, each of them has social significance, the rituals of a Bengali marriage is carried out beautifully in every Bengali wedding. 

So, enjoy yourself around the colorful and fun-filled Bengali marriage rituals. 

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