16 Apr, 2024

Elevate Your Wedding Album: Top Bengali Wedding Photography Poses to Click

A wedding is not just a day; it’s the beginning of a journey, woven with dreams and colored in traditions. Bengali weddings, with their symphony of colors and rich cultural tapestry, offer a canvas like no other. The bengali wedding photography poses a time capsule, holding within it the joy, the vows, and the unspoken promises of a lifetime.

Are there specific poses that are must-haves in a Bengali wedding album?

Since every wedding is unique, there is no hard and fast checklist of bengali wedding photo pose. However, there are some moments that couples usually prefer to capture the most, such as the ‘Saptapadi’, ‘Sindurdaan’, ‘Biday Bela’. These poses capture the essence of Bengali traditions.

What advice do you have for couples to prepare for their wedding photoshoot?

Couples should communicate with their photographer beforehand. They should discuss their ideas, expectations and preferences, and be open to suggestions. They may twin or contrast their attire and accessories to complement each other and the overall theme of the wedding.

Are there specific colors or motifs that are traditionally significant in Bengali wedding photography?

Yes, red, yellow and white are colors symbolizing love and purity in quintessential Bengali weddings. However, you may experiment with other colour palettes as well, since the day should reflect a piece of your heart.

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