Top 10 Banquet Halls in VIP Road Kolkata

We know that Kolkata is a vast area, and local wedding vendors are important. So we have explored the list of some top banquet halls in VIP road Kolkata for our readers.

Top 10 Banquet Hall in VIP Road Kolkata

Life is a saga of never-ending celebrations. And weddings are probably one of the climax parts of it! 😛

An amalgamation of a plethora of emotions- Love, union, distance, and many more bittersweet feelings. And these are some memories you would love to have in the best of surroundings possible. And thus, your need to book the best possible banquet halls for marriage is evident enough. 

We have shared an overall list of the best wedding halls in Kolkata already. Today, we are going to explore different areas in the Big City of Joy. To begin with, we have chosen to explore the list of some top banquet halls in VIP road Kolkata.

Introducing the Top 10 Banquet Hall in VIP Road Kolkata

1. Atithi Inn

2. The Circle Club

3. VIP Tower

4. Celesta

5. Utsav Garden

6. Filigree Banquets

7. Chandra Banquets

8. Coral Banquets

9. Royal Garden Banquet Hall

10. Babul Banquet Hall

1. Atithi Inn, VIP Road, Kolkata

Atithi inn
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A chique venue to host your nuptials, anniversaries and other family festivities, is located at a stone throw distance of 15 minutes drive from the Central Metro Station. It has got a luxe and contemporary interior. It gives a touch of a modern vibe to your special day. You can also avail the lodging services to provide your guests with top-quality hospitality. The rooms are well furnished herewith modern furniture and awestruck interiors. This banquet also offers competitive catering services to their clients.

Cost- Approximately Rs 650/guest

2. The Circle Club, VIP Road, Kolkata

The Circle club
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This place is known for the energy of youth it radiates. This is just the apt place to ring your wedding bells in a banquet halls in Kolkata. They`ve got a super helpful on-site crew. They assure you and your kin the best hospitality. They also have some super comfy rooms for you to get the perfect night sleep. With the four separate banquets on the campus, they are able to host multiple events at the same time. So you needn't worry if you find one already booked, you still have 3 more to choose from.

Cost- Approximately Rs 700/guest

3. VIP Tower, VIP Road, Kolkata

VIP tower
Image Source - Occasion Venue

VIP Tower in Deshbandhunagar, Kolkata, was built in 2012. It's one of the area's top desirable wedding and other celebration banquet halls in VIP road Kolkata. It was built with the goal of providing an exquisite and excellent event organization facility to meet the different needs of its clientele. Whatever the celebration might be, grand or intimate, it is the vision of their business to make each occasion a roaring delight. You can all avail of their services at a very reasonable budget.

Cost- Approximately Rs 300/guest

4. Celesta, VIP Road, Kolkata

The celesta
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Celesta is a short drive from Kolkata's Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport, which also is positioned in the heart of downtown. It is a three-star hotel with exquisite furnishings that will leave you feeling at home. And the level of quality hospitality they offer will have you delighted. Celesta tucked away from the main road, exudes the serenity and tranquillity of a setting that they have long cultivated with the image of their lovely visitors in mind.

Cost- Approximately Rs 750/guest

5. Utsav Garden, VIP Road, Kolkata

Utsav garden
Image source - VenueLook

The Utsav garden is your perfect banquet halls for weddings, on a budget. The venue will steal your gaze with the kind of vibe it radiates. The stunning interiors of the building are certain to strike your desire to say yes to this banquet halls near VIP road Kolkata. The service also includes very passionate and dedicated hospitality by their hard-working crew. You are certain to cherish the memories of getting married in this venue forever. They are also up with a catering service for some delectable food items.

Cost- Approximately Rs 600/guest

6. Filigree Banquets, The Meridian, 3rd, Raghunathpur N Rd

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If you've always wanted a grand and unforgettable wedding, Filigree Banquets is the place to go. Filigree Banquets, located on Vip Road in Kolkata, is one of the most elegant banquet venues in the city. Here you will discover a lively ambience as well as skilled exhibitors who will assure that your event is one to cherish. Weddings and pre-wedding celebrations, business parties, and large-scale family gatherings are all possible within the property.

Cost- Approximately Rs 1000/guest

7. Chandra Banquets, 173, Block – C, Bangur Avenue, Bangur

Chandra banquets
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With two banquets and a rooftop arrangement, the area can easily host a party of up to 1000 guests. Moreover, This has to be one of the best wedding banquet halls in Kolkata that doesn't pinch your pockets too hard. The event planning partner associated with the venue will help you decorate and sort out every arrangement. You must be looking out for a sophisticated location that complements your taste. This place is totally your go-to.

Cost- Approximately Rs 500/guest

8. Coral Banquets, VIP Rd, Near Spandan Hospital

Image source - Justdial

Both for your lavish grand wedding or a simple small celebration, this banquet halls in VIP road Kolkata is your go-to at a very affordable price. They assure to suffice all your needs are in your budget. Well furnished with all modern amenities, and decorated with stunning skills, they have determined to make your special day even more cherishable. Their welcoming staff ensure cent percent comfort to you and your guests.

Cost- Approximately Rs 850/guest

9. Royal Garden Banquet Hall, Raghunathpur, Baguiati

Royal Garden
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To ensure a flawless affair the Royal Garden banquet hall offers everything in a budget that best banquet halls in Kolkata for wedding offer. Offering the best and most welcoming vibes, they make sure that you and your family have the most cherishable experience and comfort. They also have some skilled decorators to give you the perfect ambience.

Cost- Approximately Rs 650/guest

10. Babul Banquet Hall, Kaikhali, Kolkata

Baabul banquets
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Located in Kaikhali, Babul banquet hall has imbibed the definition of classy celebrations within their vision. One of the cheapest and best banquet halls in Kolkata, this place is a synonym of excellence. Be it ambience, decor, and hospitality, they are effortful in all. The welcoming staff makes the smooth organization of your wedding even smoother.

Cost- Approximately Rs 800/guest

Hope our findings on the best banquet halls in VIP road Kolkata was helpful for you. Do share with us how you organized your fairytale wedding in these locations or any other. We would love to hear from you!

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